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Wideband horn antenna for EMC testing


ink Microtek, a manufacturer of RF and microwave components and

subsystems, has introduced an open-sided, linearly polarised horn antenna that operates over the wide frequency range 200MHz to 2GHz. Primarily intended for EMC

test applications, the AM0.2- 2HA antenna can be used as either a transmitter or receiver for measurements of product immunity or emissions in accordance with international EMC standards laid down by organisations such as IEC, ISO and CISPR. The antenna can handle up to 200W of microwave power and features a low average VSWR of 1.6:1, a field strength capability of 250V/m at 1m and a nominal impedance of 50ohms. It also offers excellent gain uniformity, with gain only varying from 5 to 9dBi over the entire operating frequency range.

The horn antenna is equipped with a precision N-type female connector and a mounting bracket that enables the user to switch between vertical and horizontal polarisations. A standard camera thread allows easy mounting on a wide variety of tripods.

Designed and manufactured at

Link’s premises in Basingstoke, the AM0.2-2HA antenna is fabricated from aluminium to provide a rugged, corrosion-resistant construction. It measures 980 x 980 x 730mm, yet weighs only 12kg. EE

IBM joins Zero Outage Industry Standard Association


igitization is in full swing: machines communicate with each other, processes are becoming more and more efficient and automation is an integral part of the process. But all can only work if the IT behind it runs smoothly. A failure, even for a few minutes, can have fatal consequences. If production lines are stopped due to IT problems, companies are threatened with image losses and costs of millions. The aim of the Zero Outage

Association is to provide a framework of best practices and standards to enable the delivery of secure, reliable and highly available end-to-end IT services and systems. The goal is to develop a common standard for IT processes, platforms, people and security to safeguard quality and reliability at all levels.

IBM has joined the Zero Outage

Industry Standard Association as a founding member. Other members include Brocade Communications

20 /// EMC Testing 2017

Systems, Cisco Systems, EMC Corporation, Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), NetApp, SAP SE, SUSE and T-Systems International. During the association’s first board

of directors meeting on 25 November 2016, Stephan Kasulke, SVP global quality at T-Systems International was voted as new chairman of the board of directors. All partners will shortly specify new guidelines for the industry standard which will be published on the association’s website “I am very enthusiastic to be the

first Chairman of the Zero Outage Association – this is the start of a long journey towards stability in Telecommunications, IT and the IoT,” said Kasulke. “As an organization’s IT infrastructure can involve a complex interrelationship of technologies from a variety of vendors, there are often differing levels of service agreements in place which can lead to critical faults and security issues.” EE

The Society of Environmental Engineers 22 Greencoat Place, London SW1P 1PR

The Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE) is a

professional Society that exists to promote awareness of the discipline of environmental engineering, and

to provide members of the Society with information, training and representation within this field.

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