BETT 2017

the education industry’s game changers, visitors to Bett are sure to come away with valuable knowledge, insight and a passion to positively impact the future of education.

Here is a handful of exhibitors to look out for: Connect (stand B346) provides a range of

comprehensive education solutions which help children and adult services to support each student who has a special educational need. Its aim is to ensure that barriers to learning are removed to enable every child and young person to access the curriculum in an inclusive classroom.

On stand H400 is, a world

leader in preventing plagiarism in college and higher education. It aims for original writings and fights for the respect of intellectual property. Its IT solution for plagiarism detection, Magister, allows teachers and school leaders to detect copying and pasting in students' work by highlighting plagiarised sources.

Demonstrating how its broad range of

classroom technologies facilitate learning and create an advanced educational experience, Crestron (C419) will transform the classroom into a dynamic learning environment that’s interactive, collaborative, and easy to use.

Bett 2017 is a special one for communication

and data solution specialist, Groupcall (B188) as it marks the company’s 15th year of innovation. Learn about the Groupcall Ecosystem: Messenger is the all-encompassing admin portal integrating award-winning parental engagement tools; Emerge, the app offering schools access to data and processes on mobile devices, has been extended to include Emerge Desktop, a teacher dashboard giving staff access to data and tools to streamline their administrative processes. Groupcall also supports LAs and MATs with multi- school reporting, performance and attendance tracking. Software developers interested in Groupcall Xporter or joining the Groupcall Ecosystem are invited to talk to the team about partnership.

Providing hands-on resources for primary and

secondary students, LEGO Education (E150) gives them the opportunity to explore computing

and STEM in a way that brings topics to life, while also equipping them with the skills needed for the 21st Century workplace. This year, LEGO Education will be offering visitors the opportunity to participate in computing and STEM workshops run by its partners, focusing on curriculum- aligned resources that demonstrate how topics can be applied to real-world concepts. You can book your slot at the LEGO Education stand by visiting the website.

SchooliP (G70) is an online software platform

that supports leaders and managers to improve teacher effectiveness through streamlining performance management, professional development and improvement planning. The software promotes teacher effectiveness by understanding the information leaders need to make managing staff performance an efficient and effective process.

On stand E95 is EDLounge, a unique School

Improvement Management Platform and Learning Environment that is proven to enhance whole school outcomes via e-learning content; Virtual Classroom for remote access; Coursework and Qualification eportfolio; and gaming and apps. Learners follow a personalised learning pathway where they can receive live online support with experts or school staff through its Virtual Classroom. Schools implementing EDLounge have seen significant improvements in learning, assessment, and attendance, and fewer exclusions and behavioural incidents, while also effectively engaging and motivating learners.

Online and mobile application Milk Student

Planner System (B325) has three key elements: homework setting; pupil progress and attendance app; and a messaging board. Milk doesn’t just make setting and analysing homework easier, it engages parents and pupils by giving them easy and continuous access to key pupil information and school letters and documents. Milk securely shares up-to-date pupil targets, progress, attendance, behaviour and achievement data and all of the messages and documents you send home can be sent through Milk, to any group of pupils and parents. All of the information parents need from you is in one place and is secure.

Studytracks (50) is every student’s study hack;

an innovative app that allows them to study anywhere and everywhere. The app works by turning subjects into easy to remember lyrics, which are then put to a backing track. As students listen to the music, these ‘hooks’ get stuck in their memory - just like the lyrics to a song - so that when something triggers the hook (like a word or phrase in an exam question) the student’s memory recalls the information easily and effectively. It includes over 400 songs across GCSE and AS subjects including English, maths, science, history and geography, in-depth subject analysis and quizzes to test students’ knowledge and recall.

New this year, Drumroll HQ (21) will be

showcasing E.A.K. (Erase all Kittens), a unique web-based platform game designed to teach students real coding languages and engage more girls by using a highly gamified and story-driven approach. E.A.K. helps students to build up their personal learning and thinking skills, and allows teachers to become facilitators of independent learning.

Nuance Communications (A433) is the

developer and publisher of the highly popular Dragon family of speech recognition solutions for the PC and Mac. Dragon enables users to talk to their computer making it easier for students and teaching professionals to access the education, communication and information sharing capabilities of their devices.

A brand of Delta, Vivitek (C160), offers an

extensive line of visual display and presentation products. Vivitek’s line of digital projection and display products incorporates the latest innovations and technologies to meet the market demands for education, business, home theatre and large venue.

Bett 2017 is free to attend and will take place

from Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 January 2017 at ExCeL London. For more information or to register, please visit You can also follow the conversation on Twitter @Bett_Show.


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