BETT 2017

Bett 2017: Celebrating educational game-changers I

n a year that has seen substantial changes in the education sector since Bett 2016,

including the U-turn on academisation, governance, teacher recruitment and retention, as well as the reintroduction of grammar schools, Bett returns to ExCeL London from 25 to 28 January 2017, giving visitors the opportunity to get involved with open and informed discussions about these (and other) key areas of education. Attendees will leave the show with insightful knowledge, advice and guidance on how they can get involved in shaping education worldwide. Now in its 33rd year, Bett brings together

everyone sharing a passion for teaching and learning, and this year is no exception. With a focus on educational game changers, it’s sure to be an invaluable experience full of high-profile speakers, dedicated programmes and insightful sessions.

The key features of this year’s show include:

Bett Arena This year’s Bett Arena will play host to a number of in-depth sessions from global educators, influencers and thought leaders from across the world, sharing practical advice, guidance, inspiration and ideas. Speakers will cover various topics ranging from

what makes a world-class teacher and the skills we should be teaching in the 21st century, to how creativity and imagination can boost resilience and problem-solving. To give you a flavour of what to expect, taking

to the stage will be celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal; internationally renowned educationalist, Sir Ken Robinson; Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening; VP of Education at Microsoft, Anthony Salcito; as well

as representatives from Intel, the Ministry of Science Live, and Women in STE(A)M.

Bett Futures Following its successful launch in 2015, Bett Futures is back, providing emerging edtech start- up companies with a platform to showcase their innovative, game-changing ideas and products. Run in conjunction with the British Educational

Suppliers Association (BESA) and leading education think-tank, The Education Foundation, Bett Futures celebrates brave thinking, innovative pedagogy and resources, and is one of the biggest growth areas of the show. Designed as a unique, global platform for

emerging learning solutions that aim to improve the lives of students everywhere, the area will offer visitors valuable opportunities for discussion and debate, as well as practical ideas on how to improve educational practice. This year, Futures has a huge range of

emerging educational game changers ranging from personalised learning and customisable game consoles to help understand coding, to a digital community providing teenagers with a safe, supportive space to share concerns anonymously, and a solution designed to improve the careers service in schools and raise student aspirations.

Learn Live The practitioner-led ‘Learn Live’ seminars and workshops will delve into the latest research, practices and policies affecting education, and attendees are sure to leave with practical teaching techniques and methods to put into practice in their own classrooms. The Primary Learn Live session will explore

some of the most important challenges facing the primary sector, specifically sharing tips on how to

22 December 2016

improve the classroom experience and learning outcomes for pupils. One of the most popular features of Bett, the

Secondary Learn Live session, will unveil thought-provoking ideas and best practice from international case studies, allowing attendees to leave with an understanding of how to achieve the best outcomes for students within the current secondary education landscape. The SEN Learn Live session will provide

attendees with tips to ensure students with special educational needs are given the right tools and resources needed to allow them to learn to the best of their ability. The session will deliver research and cutting-edge techniques being used to improve the experience and overall learning outcomes.

Game changers in education Bett 2017 will be showcasing the individuals, events and products contributing towards a significant shift in how people learn and discover the possibilities. With a buzzing array of seminars, product showcases and demonstrations from a vast list of

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