THE PANDEMIC SUPPLY CHAIN The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted almost every aspect of

Maryland’s horse industry, but among the most alarming interruptions is the eff ect that the pandemic has had on the global supply chain. Trailer manufacturers are having diffi culties fi nding parts, farriers are concerned that metals for shoes will run short, and lumber prices for barns and fencing have skyrocketed. Disruptions in the global supply have also aff ected the prices and supplies of horse feed, and some live- stock medications are running low. As an industry professional, we know these supply chain issues put

your businesses under increased fi nancial stress. We would like to know what supply chain issues you are facing, how you are managing those risks, and what the Maryland Horse Council can do to improve the outlook for a near-term, and robust, solution. Please send your experiences and concerns to:

REPORT FROM INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL MEMBER, AHESAHMAHK DAHN OF CITY RANCH City Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non- profi t that brings horses to the children of Baltimore city, as well as off ering youth, adult and therapeutic lessons at its Wind- sor Mill, MD location. This inno- vative program recognizes “that children need to be challenged and a comprehensive equestrian program in an urban setting can provide that.” “City Ranch has started a Capital Campaign because: 1) it’s the

time, and 2) an unfortunate - but maybe fortunate - circumstance has arisen to drive this campaign eff ort,” says Ahesahmahk Dahn, who founded the program with his wife, Jean. Dahn added, “City Ranch has been at its current location as a board- er and lessee since 2006. The owner gave us two week’s notice that the property would be put on the market. It was not a surprise to City Ranch that the owners wanted to sell the property. Casual conversa- tion about selling and City Ranch purchasing have been going on over the last fi ve years. The property is now under contract and we have been advised that our staying on is preferred. However, no terms and conditions of occupancy have been discussed as yet.” “We are moving ahead with raising money at this time because our equipment is dated, our horses are aging and opportunities to solidify and expand are at our door step. The campaign funds will position us at the ready when those opportunities arise,” Dahn stated. For more information about City Ranch, go to: https://www.thecity-


THIS EQUIERY COLUMN IS FOR YOU! This monthly column in The Equiery, (which is owned and published

by the Maryland Horse Council) is designed to meet the demands of MHC’s Industry Professional Members: a place where you can publi- cize your professional news and updates. Have you taken on a new partner? Hired a new manager or trainer? Brought a new vet into your practice? Promoted an employee? Moved your location? Received a commendation or award? Changed brokerages or practices? Hired a new director of development? If so, we want to know! Please send your news to

WHAT IS AN INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL? Industry Professional Memberships are open to owners and manag- ers of equine or equine-related businesses, farms and shows/events, and to independent contractors and service providers. Equine businesses include (but are not limited to) farms and stables of- fering any equine-related service (such as boarding, training, lessons, trail rides, pony parties, breeding, mare care, foaling, carriage horses, and equine entertainment). Equine-related businesses include (but are not limited to) tack, feed and other retail stores; trailer manufacturers, sales & service; shipping; feed mills; manufacturers of saddles, supplements, tack, and shoes; hay, straw, shavings, feed, and other products; insurance, fi nancial, le- gal, accounting, and marketing services ; auction houses and sales sites; competition venues and race tracks; veterinary practices and hospitals. Independent contractors include (but are not limited to) veterinar-

ians, farriers, equine therapists, saddle fi tters, trainers, instructors, stall muckers, braiders, and equine dentists.

Industry Professional Membership Benefi ts include: •

• •

direct input into policy and advocacy by the Maryland Horse Council on State of Maryland legislative and regulatory aff airs, to protect and grow the diverse Maryland horse industry

exclusive invitations to Business Networking events and seminars (not open to any other membership category)

business logo and link on MHC member directory page

discounts on select nationally known products and services, such as John Deere, Sherwin Williams, Suncast, Nationwide, Redbrand, US Equestrian, New Holland, Toro, eXmark, tenda – and more

exclusive discounts for advertising and marketing via The Equi- ery’s multi-media products. Contact Tracy McKenna to fi nd out more! or 410-802-4219

Annual Membership Dues: $100 Lifetime Membership: $1,000


Katherine O. Rizzo

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