PVDA Raises Funds and Awareness by Marcia Mia, 2018 PVDA Ride for Life chair 2018 marked the 15th Anniversary of the Po-

tomac Valley Dressage Association’s (PVDA) Ride for Life, an annual dressage show to ben- efi t Johns Hopkins University’s Breast Center. PVDA Board member Claire Lacey came up with “passion” as the winning theme for the show. Passion for life; passion for riding; passion for PVDA Ride for Life; pas- sion for lifting each other up. T is year’s show raised a total of $55,849 for the center. In addition to donations raised for Johns Hopkins, additional cash, “in-kind,” and raffl e do- nations as well as various tee- shirt, awards, class and breed sponsors helped PVDA cover the costs of the Fundrais- ing and Fundraiser Freestyle Awards, volunteer tee-shirts and gifts, and Breed Sponsor Awards.

Sponsorships sup-

ported the show with $26,775 worth of prod- uct, cash and donations. What other organization of fewer than 500 members can say that they fund a surgical oncology fellowship at one of the top cancer institutions in the world? T is is largely due to the Ride for Life team of Mimi Mack, Re- bekah Lusk, Jeannette Bair, Jessica Katz, Van- essa Meeks, Bridget Dellar, Abby Krohn, Caro- lyn Del Grosso, Linda Speer, Wendy Emblin and Julie Gross. Without them, the show and fundraising eff orts would not be so successful. Special thanks to Pat Artimovich for her com- munications/outreach, guidance and sky is the

limit attitude! T anks to Alison May for her beautiful cover for this year’s program. Mimi Mack worked tirelessly this year to support Ride for Life by collecting items for the popu- lar raffl e program. And of course, a show could never function without a slew of volunteers! A special thanks to Abby Krohn, this year’s Volunteer Coordinator, for doing such a great job staffi ng the show. Also thanks goes to Laura Ryan for “manning” the volun- teer table and getting everyone checked in and off to their as- signed positions.

More Than Just a Dressage Show

Jeannette Bair was the big fundraiser winner earn- ing awards for Overall High Pledge, High Amateur Pledge and Gold Plateau categories.

Although at face value Ride for Life may just seem like any other dressage show, it is the fun- draising aspect that sets this show apart. Many participated in the fundraising eff ort

either through collecting donations or directly contributing to Ride for Life as donors. Jeannette Bair, PVDA’s rider donations chair, brought in some new participants in creative ways and kept everyone up to date on their individual fundraising progress. High pledge award winners this year

included Jeannette Bair for the Ama- teur category, Donna Gatchell for Pro- fessional, Saskia Paul for Junior/Young Rider and Karen Siebert for Phantom (horseless entry). Bair also earned the Overall High Pledge award. In addition, PVDA honored Plateau Award winners for those who raised signifi cant funds. Bair won the Gold Award for raising $5,000 or more. Silver winners (more than $2,500) included Shari Packard and Karen Siebert. Barbara Strawson, Donna Gatchell, Hallie Arnsbrak, Carolyn Del Grosso and Marga- ret Barber all earned Bronze awards (more than $1,000). Pink winners (more than $500) were Bridget Dellar, Shannon Bossung, Holly Wilmoth, Rebecca Langwost, Ashley Ken- nedy and Vanessa Meeks. T e Newbie Raffl e Winner for a fi rst time donations collector was Mary Pat Hedges. Kirsten Likins won the Raffl e for Donations Up to $499 award.

Two-time breast cancer survivor and ad- ministrative director of Johns Hopkins Breast Center Lillie Shockney aboard Red- demeade’s Lunar Illusion | 800-244-9580 Dancing for Dollars

T e ever popular Fundraiser Freestyle, a separate unrecognized and un-judged Musi- cal Freestyle TOC, USEF or FEI TOC or

Donna Gatchell won the Open/Professional Free- style award and was also the High Pledge winner for the Professional category. She took home a Hanove- rian breed award as well.

T e spectators selected the winners of the

Fundraiser Freestyle by purchasing raffl e tick- ets and placing them in the jar of the freestyle they liked best. Winners were announced at the Passion Party following the Freestyle. Donna Gatchell won the Open/Professional

Freestyle award and Robin Scarborough won the Amateur award. T e Quadrille team from Red- demeade earned the Junior/Young Rider award. Another popular part of Ride for Life is the annual Stall Decorating Contest. Annmari Ingersoll won the Individual award while the Group award went to the team eff orts of Robin Petrasek, Jemma Przybocki and Kirsten Likins.

Breed Awards New this year were two diff erent types of

High Point Breed Awards, thanks to the be- hind-the-scenes work of Bridget Dellar. In

continued... AUGUST 2018 | THE EQUIERY | 33

true “free” style class was continued this year. Barbara Strawson and Pat Artimovich initiated the “Professional Challenge” by challenging other professional riders with a $500 mini- mum fundraising level to ride in the Fundraiser Freestyle on Saturday afternoon.

In addition

to seven professional riders, spectators were treated to musical freestyle rides ranging from sidesaddle, to a six person drill team and every- thing in between! Two-time breast cancer survivor Lillie

Shockney and the administrative director of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center since 1997, rode her own special Fundraiser Freestyle this year on Reddemeade’s Lunar Illusion to the theme of “Stealing Second Base.” T is summer, Shockney will be retiring from Johns Hopkins, and her enthusiasm and spirit of the ride will be greatly missed. In her honor, PVDA award- ed Shockney a special Tribute Bowl inscribed with the PVDA Ride for Life logo.

Christina Dale

Christina Dale

Christina Dale


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