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  summer of 2017, the year of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, the trail will dwarf any of its contem-  Crest or Appalachian trails. Measuring a total distance of 23,922 kilometers, it will become the crown jewel of ultra-long human routes— the world’s longest trail. While “Trans Canada Trail” is the name of the organization that has developed the vast network, the actual name of the trail system is even easier  It’s an appropriate name for an unparalleled pathway.

A work forever in progress With the Trail almost fully connect-


of the Trans Canada Trail organization

are nearing completion. In reality, their work has only just begun. While The Great Trail can be understood as a network of smaller trails— which are operated and main- tained by local organizations and municipalities— there will always be a need for a centralized body to enhance and improve the Trail as a whole. Beyond 2017, the mission of Trans

Canada Trail will continue to educate people about the Trail, advocate for the preservation of green spaces, stimulate tourism and economic opportunities, and create and maintain tools to navi- gate the Trail.

Which is a perfect segue to the mobile application.

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How it works

Using Esri Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, the app allows users to track their activity, and pinpoints a user’s proximity to the nearest section of The Great Trail.

By integrating with Google Places, it identifies points of interest along the way, including amenities like parking and restaurants. It also shows users how to make their way from section to section.

The goal is to make seamless connec- tions between The Great Trail’s various interconnected trails, including some of the more remote sections. Many of these sections have yet to be added to other hiking apps or Google Maps.


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