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Celebrating trails and partnerships National & International

International Awards

Trails Awards American Trails presents the National & International Trails Awards Program to recognize the tremendous contributions of volunteers, profession- als, and other leaders who are working for the betterment of trails both nation- ally and internationally in both rural and urban settings. The deadline for award nominations was December 1.

Exciting changes!

We adjusted the award categories and criteria for our 2017 Symposium. We are also excited to share that there are plans to adjust the onsite awards banquet and the presentations for each award winner, starting with our 2017 Symposium. The overall Symposium program is still coming together, but  presentation will be available soon.

National Awards

        Leaders

   

Read more at www.AmericanTrails. org/2017 (click on the National Trails Awards link).

Theme and programs The theme for the 2017 Symposium

 People, Places, and Possibilities.” Because Dayton is where the Wright brothers developed their pioneering aviation designs, we are reminded of that great advance in transportation that opened up the skies.

But in many other ways, trails also

  than just getting people from place to place. Trails are also the most intimate way to see nature’s hidden treasures and the easiest way to encourage peo- ple to adopt healthy lifestyles. Stay tuned to learn more and view a list of concurrent sessions, core tracks, and PTBA sustainable trails workshops. Attendees can earn Continuing Education Units for completing many of the Symposium sessions.

Read more at 2017 (click on the Theme link).

Sponsor or mentor an

Emerging Leader! The Hulet Hornbeck Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program will pro- vide training and mentoring opportuni- ties for up to 16 youth (ages 21-25) at the International Trails Symposium to inspire young adults to choose a career path in the trails industry. The applica- tion deadline has passed for scholar- ships, but we are still seeking partners/ sponsors and mentors for the program.

Read more at 2017 (click on the Emerging Leaders link).

Opportunities for

exhibitors and sponsors The Symposium will also feature an exhibit hall, which is a great opportuni- ty to view the latest in trails technology, equipment, planning, and programs. Learn about exhibitors’ products along the indoor trails and greenways system and talk with experts in trail construc- tion and design. Attendees can also take part in the Outdoor Trade Show that will be held adjacent to the convention center and features trail building tools, technology, and techniques. This out- door demonstration area will enable attendees to try various machines and equipment— and play in the dirt!

A replica of the original Wright Flyer plane will be on display in the exhibit hall at the Symposium; photo by Timothy R. Gaffney 10 FALL 2016

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