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LongTime Pastor Retires

Allan Dueck has been known to our Fellow- ship for over 38 years. He began as the second church planting pastor of Humboldt Bible Church of Humboldt, Sask. (1978- 1981). Later Allen became a missionary

to Austria where he met his wife-to-be, Eva. He was called by Christian Fellowship Chapel in Winnipeg in 1998 and served there until 2007. In February 2009, Allan began his ministry at Kenora Bible Church. In addition to pastoring, Allan has served the Fellowship on

the Commission on Missions and the Commission on Churches. Several members of Kenora Bible Church (KBC), reflected on

Allan, ministry and influence. What follows is just a sampling of these, and even these have been condensed.

Pastor Allan Dueck first came to us at KBC as a guest speaker. I clear-

ly remember how much my family and I enjoyed his series of challenging and engaging messages fom the book of Ruth, with many practical lessons for application. Our Pastor Search Committee was quick to extend an invitation that has allowed us to be blessed by hearing many more inspiring, encouraging, and engaging messages fom Pastor Allan. —Eunice Wallin

My wife and I started attending KBC regularly a few years ago,

where Allan’s ministry immediately blessed us. His preaching was distin- guished not only by a deep care for the truth of God’s word, but by a pas- sionate desire to see that truth encounter the real lives of his congregation. Allan’s wisdom was astutely Biblical and wonderfully applicable. Even in his word choices and stories, he preached the gospel in a way that deeply connected with so many people, and I know that many were drawn into a deeper relationship with God by the truth that Allan preached. —Jordan Vetro

When Allan became aware that I was interested in ministry, he

began eagerly meeting with me. I became aware of his long history of serving the cause of Christ with Eva. Allan and Eva have spent such a rich life serving Jesus and blessing so many people in so many places. Allan told me stories of times of blessing and burden; hearing of the trials they experienced, I found an example of faith, patience and a deep trust in God. Of all that I have learned of Allan through his counsel, what I will most carry with me is his deep passion to see souls introduced to Jesus as their Saviour.

—David Bloom Eva has shown us — both men and women — the heart of a disciple

of our Lord Jesus. She is such a loving, caring and generous woman of God who is always available to help and strengthen our desire to serve our Heavenly Father.

—-Sylvia Leischow 6

Chung Accepts call to Kenora

Time surely travels fast! In the past two years I can truly say that God’s blessing is abundant and over- whelming. Over and over again we have seen him working ahead of us and preparing our way. After leaving Richer, I was in Winnipeg serving in a church plant in the heart of Winnipeg. It was an amazing experience. Through that God has humbled me and taught me many things I did not know before, things

that I would never have learned in Richer. God is good. With much excitement we look forward to coming back to

FEBC as we have accepted the call to Kenora Bible Church. Over the past two years I have come to a deeper appreciation of an in- ter-dependent group of churches serving together. Moreover, my counseling degree is almost finished, which

means I can once again serve God full-time and actually rest for an hour or two before bed. It is a luxury that I shall never take for granted again. In the past year I have learned the danger of stress, both spiritual and physical, and the wonder of resting in God. I know that I need God’s mercy in the coming challenge in Ke-

nora. It is interesting that Paul began every letter with the blessing of grace and peace, except for his letters to Timothy and Titus, which started with grace, mercy, and peace. Pastors need mercy from God because we make mistakes! Moreover, I am certain I shall need much mercy from my brothers and sisters in Kenora as well. I am excited to serve and learn. It is always a privilege to serve. We do not deserve to serve such

an awesome God. “I thank him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord, because he judged me faithful, appointing me to his service” (1 Timothy 1:12).

Simon Cheung served as pastor at Richer Fellowship Church for 12 years and was also on the FEBC Commission of Education for many years.

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