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According to recent statistics, putting a new kitchen in your home can increase your house value by 4.6%.

Add value to your home with a new kitchen

Even if you are no planning to sell your home anytime soon, it is an inevitable question when it comes to remodelling: How much will this improvement add to the value of my home?

The kitchen has evolved way beyond its original concept and in now considered not only to be the place to hone in on your culinary skills it is now the ‘hub of the home’ and your interior showpiece: a place to dine; to catch up; to complete homework; to entertain and to relax with a large glass of Rioja after a long day at the office. So really is it any surprise that the whole world and their interior designers are telling you: “If you are going to improve just one room in the house – make it the kitchen.” Phil Spencer, Channel 4

Most ‘would be buyers’ have a habit of overestimating how much it will cost to update their new home themselves, therefore they can easily be put off by an out of date kitchen, specifically when it comes to your appliances. In recent years manufacturers have become more aware of the impact that our appliances have on the environment and also on our monthly utility bills and so modern Siemens and Gaggenau appliances for example are now energy star rated thus better for the environment while helping you save money. So whilst your 10 year old appliances may work suitably for you, they can easily be a deterrent to potential buyers. Work surfaces and cabinetry are equally important aspects to update, more home buyers are looking for houses that they don’t have to make too many changes to, at least not straight away and so it is beneficial for you to make some changes yourself. The good news is that you can expect to recoup 60-120% of your investment as long as you make the right decisions. Your kitchen represents your way of living through its design and with today’s modern busy lifestyles great design is more important than ever. Long gone are the days where the kitchen is an antisocial space detached from the rest of your home with bad wallpapers, white fridges and mis-matched countertop appliances placed on a dull plastic worktop. The kitchen is now the beating heart


of your home which incorporates innovative design and flare and where open, spacious rooms allow us to advance our skills, express our taste in culture, socialise with friends and family and become serious chefs in our own homes. For more advice or to arrange a no obligation design consultation with Hartwoods, call 01625 827047, email info@hartwoods. or pop into our Prestbury Showroom today.

Hartwoods in Prestbury, winners of the 2014 Northern Design Award for ‘Best Kitchen Retailer’ create bespoke kitchens tailored to you and your lifestyle, we bring together the best of what Europe and the design industry has to offer in both style and functionality, ensuring that all of our kitchens are not just inspiring in design but ultimately intelligent workspaces. 01625 827047 info@hartwoods.couk

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