DIMH 2018 Awards

Home manager at Whittle Hall, Deborah Payne (second from right), and deputy Home manager, Megan Owen, picked up the Collaborative Estates & Facilities Team Award from Jacqui Dillon, and The Network’s editor, Jonathan Baillie.

requirements of the building’. The Award was presented by The Network’s editor, Jonathan Baillie, to Deborah Payne, Home manager, and Megan Owen, deputy Home manager, at Whittle Hall, for the Whittle Hall ‘dementia plus’ facility in Warrington, which was ‘bespoke designed’, and is part of a new build. L&M Healthcare, which operates the facility, describes it as ‘a beautiful place to live and work, and more like a five-star hotel than a nursing home’. Incorporating 74 beds over two floors, it is ‘already showing some signs that teamwork and good design can have a positive effect in complex and challenging cases of dementia’.

THEMED MURALS Features include themed murals, bedroom doors with memory boxes and contrasting colours to the surrounding walls, en-suite bedrooms with a wetroom with shower, sink, and toilet, ‘extremely wide and spacious corridors’, handrails on main corridors that contrast with the décor to help residents find their way around, and flooring the same colour throughout communal areas, corridors, and bedrooms, ‘with no stark contrasts at floor level’. Furniture colours contrast with walls and flooring, while specialist dementia and directional signage aids orientation. The easily accessible ‘dementia-friendly’

garden has ‘a free-flowing loop design with clearly defined pathway’, and features a post

Andrew Arnold of Gilling Dod, pictured with fellow architect, Rosemary Jenssen (left) and Jacqui Dillon, was crowned Architect of the Year.

office and potting shed and outdoor furniture. L&M Healthcare’s Operations team collaborated with local care services, the architect, and builders, and took account of good practice recommendations from Stirling University, to bring the facility ‘from concept to a successful ward’.

ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR The fourth award presented was new for 2018 – for the Architect of the Year. Jenny Gill explained that it had been introduced to ‘recognise the contribution of individual architects over a period of years in delivering

The Whittle Hall ‘Dementia Plus’ facility in Warrington, which was ‘bespoke designed', and is part of a new build, won The Collaborative Estates & Facilities Team Award.

mental health facilities which excel in quality and design and meet the vision of the Design in Mental Health Network’. The Award was presented to Andrew Arnold, MD of Lancashire- based Gilling Dod Architects, by fellow architect, Rosemary Jenssen. The judges said: “With a clear understanding of the issues involved, and a real sense of the impact that good design has on mental health recovery, treatment, and wellbeing, Andrew’s true passion ensures delivery of accomplished patient- focussed facilities. He has made a significant contribution to promoting and delivering excellent mental healthcare environments nationally.”

Gilling Dod’s submission highlighted that

March 2018 had seen the completion of Andrew Arnold’s 50th mental health project to date. Credited as having helped the firm become one of the country’s leading healthcare architectural practices, it added that the winner ‘excelled in mental health design-acclaimed projects completed across the full spectrum UK-wide’, had ‘in-depth knowledge of the issues surrounding modern mental health services’, and demonstrated ‘an innovative design approach and passion for the subject’, with a ‘hands-on driving force approach’. He had also ‘inspired and directed others’, shown ‘a dedication to quality, innovation, co-ordination, and compliance, in realising stakeholder and client aspirations’, and worked closely with

Modern Matron, Ronnie Adeduro (second from left), and senior occupational therapist, Rebecca Davies, both of SLaM, received the Project of the Year Award for 2018 from Cath Lake (far left) for a sensory room created at London’s Maudsley Hospital, designed in collaboration with Mike Ayres Design utilising funding from the Maudsley Charity.


©South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust/Mike Ayres Design

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