DIMH 2018 Awards

THE AWARDS CEREMONY This closed Jacqui Dillon’s presentation, which was immediately followed by the presentation of the 2018 Design in Mental Health Awards. Jenny Gill first thanked this year’s conference group, who had worked hard on putting together the conference, and in judging the award entries. She said: “The six awards presented tonight will highlight those organisations demonstrating the best in innovation, creativity, technical advancement, and practice, in mental health.”

PRODUCT INNOVATION The first award presented was the 2018 Product Innovation of the Year Award, which went to Safehinge Primera for a new full-door anti-ligature alarm for anti-barricade doors – developed following a year gathering feedback from over 40 groups and individuals, including clinicians and estates teams in private and NHS care providers, and trials with two NHS Trusts. The ‘innovative and intelligent’ battery- operated and wireless full-door alarm for anti- barricade doors reportedly ‘brings unrivalled peace of mind to those caring for service-users’. Designed to detect ligatures on the whole door, and the latch and anti-barricade stop – ‘improving on previous door sensors’, it requires no cabling, meaning minimal disruption on live wards during installation, and offers claimed savings of up to £800 compared with wired doortop alarms. Also ‘super discreet’, the alarm is ‘sensitive to a 3 kg load, making it suitable for all user groups’, highlights previously unknown ligature attempts, and uses ‘intelligent alerting’, with an on-board computer processing loads to minimise false alarms and identify ligature attempts. The device also features ‘active fault detection’, and will integrate with existing attack alarm systems. Jenny Gill presented the Product Innovation Award 2018 to Gus Thomas and Craig Easdale of Safehinge Primera. The judges said: ‘Once again the company has taken a fresh, innovative look at the challenge, and delivered a simple, yet cost-effective solution.’

Safehinge Primera product design engineer, Gus Thomas, and Embedded Systems engineer, Craig Easdale, at May’s Design in Mental Health 2018 event, with the company’s ‘smart’ anti-barricade doorset with electronic lockset, vision panel logger, and intelligent door alarm. Safehinge Primera won the 2018 Product Innovation of the Year Award for its new full-door anti-ligature alarm.

SERVICE-USER ENGAGEMENT Next to be presented was the Service-User Engagement Award, sponsored by the Simons Group. Jenny Gill said that in choosing a winner the judges had wanted to see ‘the importance of providing a connection between service-users and the people with the skills and knowledge to help with design and explore further options’. Tom Robinson, CEO of the Simons Group, presented the 2018 Service-User Engagement Award to Vistamatic’s Mark Nash for the company’s ‘vision panels incorporating artwork’. Vistamatic says it ‘recognises the importance of creating a therapeutic influence within a mental health environment’; it can incorporate colour and bespoke graphics into its vision panels ‘to create an aesthetically pleasing internal environment, all within a safe, ligature-free surrounding’. The Vistamatic Anti-Ligature vision panels offer ‘a combination of high integrity glazing, and a stainless steel frame and anti- ligature device’, and are ‘designed to enhance

the service-user experience, ensuring safe, secure observation’. Vistamatic said the product had initially been developed without art, ‘to respect the modesty, privacy, and dignity, and enhance the safety and security, of mental health and dementia patients in bedroom areas’. It added: “We realised that by adding art we could soften the physical appearance of the doors, while significantly enhancing the internal patient environment.” The high performance vision panels are ‘strong, anti-ligature, and scratch-resistant, and prevent the passing of contraband’.

COLLABORATIVE ESTATES AWARD The Collaborative Estates & Facilities Team Award went to an estates and facilities team that Jenny Gill said had ‘made a positive contribution to hospital buildings and mental health facilities’, demonstrating ‘a focus on improving people’s lives, and the patient experience, not just the engineering

Simons Group CEO, Tom Robinson (left), presented the Service User Engagement Award to Vistamatic director of operations, Mark Nash, for the company’s vision panels incorporating artwork (right).


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