Design in Mental Health 2018 event preview

Listening to its customers

Guardian Staff Safety Systems says it has been a leading manufacturer of staff alarm and user systems that ‘not only surpass all relevant standards’, but are also ‘very user-friendly, economic, and discrete’, for many years, the key to its success being that it ‘listens to its customers’.

The company said: “Our development

programme is driven by a combination of continuing advances in technology and our clients’ needs. Many of the features which a Guardian system provides were incorporated in

response to requests from clients looking for specific solutions.” To date Guardian Staff Safety Systems equipment has been installed in facilities including mental health units, hospitals, care homes, custody centres, primary care centres, surgeries, airports, courtrooms, work centres, bail

hostels, retail outlets, schools, leisure centres, ‘and many more sites requiring staff and user protection’. The company added: “Our products are competitively priced, easy to use, install, and configure, highly reliable, low maintenance, and offer excellent longevity.”

Elegance, strength, and security, combined

Tough Furniture says that with its reputation for security and robustness well established, its product development today is ‘increasingly concerned with the aesthetics of creating genuinely therapeutic environments’.

The company said: “At this year’s event we will showcase a number of new additions to our range that we believe go a long way towards addressing the need for furniture that goes beyond security and functionality, to really make a contribution to the development of the very best in mental healthcare provision from an aesthetic standpoint.

“This includes items such as our Window Protection Unit, which solves the functional problem of preventing access to external windows, but with a combination of materials and design features that make it as unobtrusive and elegant as it is strong and secure. “We will also highlight our new Anti-Ligature noticeboard, which again allows for the fully secure display of documentation, notices, or artwork, behind a polycarbonate panel, while retaining a genuinely domestic, homely feel. As pioneers in furniture for challenging environments, we look forward to another great show in 2018.”

Institute celebrating a milestone this year

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) – celebrating its 75th anniversary this year – is a professional engineering institute for the healthcare engineering and healthcare estates sector. Membership development manager, Chris

Parker, explained: “Members include employees of both public and private healthcare providers, and private sector engineering and consultancy firm and practice employees. Increasingly members come from a non-engineering background, many with FM experience. IHEEM is pleased to support the Design in Mental Health Network, and its conference and exhibition. We look forward to meeting delegates, and to explaining to them the membership and CPD opportunities we offer.”


IHEEM’s primary purpose, as a professional development organisation, is to keep members up to date with developing technology and changing regulations. The Institute provides opportunities for continuing professional development. All IHEEM-run events are CPD- accredited, and include seminars, branch events, and conferences and exhibitions. IHEEM offers individual and corporate memberships, plus a ‘members only’ ‘IHEEM Extras’ package of benefits and discounts, including

on travel, ‘lifestyle’ products, and ‘business and work’. The ‘official’ IHEEM journal, Health Estate Journal, provides a topical mix of news and feature articles covering the latest developments in healthcare engineering and estate management.

‘Unparalleled choice’

Anti-Ligature Shop says it ‘continues to showcase the best anti-ligature products available in the UK, providing an unparalleled choice’.

Among new items shown at DIMH 2018

will be: l A range of ‘Safe

Dispense’ stainless steel soap and towel dispensers (pictured) fitted to a chamfered back plate, with an anti-tamper lock.

l An anti-ligature shower chair finished in powder-coated stainless steel in a choice of colours.

l A lightweight en-suite sliding door, ‘Glide Safe’, made of soft fire-retardant foam, with a washable, anti-tear, fire-resistant PVC cover, and featuring the established J-trac anti-ligature curtain rail system ‘to provide a safe and effective anti-ligature sliding door at a reasonable price’.

l An innovative range of user-controllable low-cost ligature-resistant mood lighting.

l Artwork by Care Display. l A new range of anti-ligature radiator covers from Clarke Delta.

Detection ‘bridges safety and therapy’

Metrasens says that its Proscreen 200 detection system ‘provides effective security screening capabilities while reinforcing the therapeutic environment of mental health institutions’. Easily utilised by non-security personnel, Proscreen 200’s ferromagnetic detection technology (FMDS) effectively detects cell phones, razor blades, lighters, needles, knives, and other restricted items. Key features

include: l Full body screening

in a single walk-by or 360-degree turn.

l 2x sensitivity in major concealment areas. (‘compared with the

best-performing competitive detection product’).

l Ability to detect very small items, such as lighters and razor blades, ‘often missed by alternative technologies’.

l ‘Patient-friendly’ – small form factor allows discrete placement and usage.

l Adjustable sensitivity modes, depending on detection needs screening process.

l Easy to use. l ‘Unlimited deployment options’ – can be

moved to any location using the included base, or wall mounted.

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