Design in Mental Health 2018 event preview

Innovative and robust anti-barricade system

Kingsway Group says it developed its Switch anti-barricade system in response to feedback from an NHS Trust’s nursing staff, who felt existing anti-barricade systems with removable/ collapsible doorstops put them at risk of the door opening and hitting them, or the patient throwing objects at them while they were operating the system.

The company also wanted to make the

removable doorstops more robust, and less ‘institutional-looking’. It explained: “The Switch hinge system is a full-length patent pending hinge that joins the door leaf to the door

frame; in normal operation it swings into the patient bedroom/ other room. On the closing side is a standard wooden rebated door frame, as found in domestic environments.

“In a ‘barricade’ situation, staff unlock the Switch hinge, which allows it to fold back on itself and retract the door leaf away from the door frame and swing outwards – even when the door is locked. This eliminates the need

Carpets’ ‘therapeutic benefits’ discussed

Danfloor UK will show its range of hard- wearing carpets featuring the Equinox and Economix Collections.

The company has been involved in many mental healthcare developments and refurbishments, at facilities including The Bedale Centre, operated by the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Junction 17 specialist adult mental health facility in Prestwich. Danfloor UK said: “Both NHS Trusts appreciate the carpets’ innovative performance features – which include an antimicrobial yarn treatment to aid infection control, and an impervious membrane and soil and stain-resistant yarns to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. “We engineer our carpets to ensure that

they meet the demands of the intended environment. Our Research and Development manager, Catherine Helliker, will present at this year’s conference on carpets’ therapeutic benefits, and her research findings into why they should not be perceived as an infection control risk, or viewed negatively from a cleaning/ maintenance standpoint.”

for a secondary override tool kit, reducing response times to seconds.” Staff can stand in the safe

‘green zone’ on the hinge side, rather than having to use a conventional anti-barricade doorstop on the opening side, which can see them hit by the outward-opening door. The Switch hinge also provides ‘a normalised appearance’, with a standard doorstop.

Saving water in the washroom

‘Modern hotel standard’ furniture

Teal LifeCare will unveil ‘new, innovative, and contemporary solutions that help create beautiful, therapeutic environments’, including for CAMHS, Older adult, Learning disabilities, PICU, Medium secure, Eating disorder, Dementia, and Autism units. Teal designs, manufactures, and installs ‘innovative furniture which complements good

design practice guidance and safety by design, helping deliver aesthetically-appealing spaces with a modern hotel comfort feel’. Unveiled will be a range of built-in bedroom furniture and lounge cabinets with laser edging and anti- ligature features. Patient-centred features include wireless charging, USB connectivity, and ‘inspirational colours and finishes’. All Teal’s soft upholstery products ‘promote safety and comfort’, with differing specification levels up to extreme environments; for the latter items feature solid Birch frames, boarded plywood panels, non-retractable security screws, and no visible staples or metal back tacking. Also shown will be the Surrey Bed, ‘which

provides enhanced safety and security’, can be fully fitted or free-standing, and is designed ‘to enhance, withstand, and improve the ligature safety in bedrooms’. Features include robust construction, smooth, chamfered edges, mattress retainers reduced in size, and sloping sides which enable staff to work closer to the bed, and allow service-users to get out of bed more easily.

The ‘popular’ Roku fully sealed tub chair with contemporary styling and strength will also be shown.


A specialist in water-saving technology for commercial washrooms, Dart Valley Systems (DVS) has produced ‘leading automatic washroom technology’ for over 30 years. DVS claims to be ‘a market-leader in the field of water-saving products, along with automatic washroom products for specialist applications’ – including the healthcare, mental healthcare, custodial, and public sector markets. It said: “Alongside the extensive product portfolio of WC flushvalves, urinal controls, automatic taps, safe en suites, and water management controls, an expert team of engineers is on hand to support installations, while our technical sales teams give tailored project support and specification advice. Combining the benefits of reduced water consumption with a focus on hygienic design, DVS products have been used reliably in some of the most demanding commercial environments for many years. All DVS water-saving taps and controls are produced ‘in house’ at our Devon factory.” In Solihull DVS will exhibit a range of

products suitable for mental health environments, including its new Multi- Channel Washroom Control Box, Programmable Ensuite range, Power Pack with Intelligent Charger, and new Safe Ensuite low-profile basin.

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