EU project LeanShips focuses on fuel savings

The Damen-led project initiative LeanShips has been awarded funding from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 funding programme. LeanShips will demonstrate fuel and energy saving solutions on board actual ships in real life conditions. These energy saving solutions are close to being launched in the market but are just going through a final demonstration.

LeanShips will put these innovations into practice by means of eight demonstrator projects that combine technological possi- bilities for efficient and less polluting operations for new and existing vessels, with end users’ needs and requirements.

MARIN will contribute to the LeanShips project by demonstrating the efficiency of the Ofoil propulsor on a large inland vessel both at model and full-scale. Working closely with Ofoil and Dutch Cargo, MARIN will be responsible for hydrodynamic calculations and the model testing of the design prior to the full-scale demonstration.


launched MARIN just launched a special website to focus on the ReFRESCO CFD code and the ReFRESCO-operation initiative. Naval architects and offshore engineers increasingly use CFD calculations or plan to do so in the near future. To stimulate co- operation and interaction in this field, MARIN has started the ‘ReFRESCO-operation’. In this partnership, MARIN wants to share its dedi- cated maritime CFD code ReFRESCO, and wants to open up its computer clusters, so that we can jointly work on the reliable and robust application of CFD in our maritime field.

Furthermore, MARIN will contribute to the large diameter propeller design by performing model tests to validate air suction and cavitation in waves. CFD methods will be applied to the large diameter propeller to optimise the propeller–hull interaction for the propeller with a small tip clearance. Finally, MARIN will perform model tests in ice to check the probability of ice getting stuck between the hull and propeller. A team consisting of Rolls Royce, Chalmers, Wagenborg, Lloyd’s Register, MARIN and Conoship will work together on the research.

LeanShips will start in the second quarter and take four years to complete. Intermediate dissemination events will be planned. For more information contact


MARIN offers a wide selection of papers and doctoral theses in the field of hydrodynamics on its website at

The most recent publications include:

Incompressible flow calculations of blunt leading edge separation for a 53 degree swept diamond wing Toxopeus, S.L., Visonneau, M. and Guilmineau, E., 53rd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (SciTech), Kissimmee, Florida, 2015

Ship Speed-Power Performance Assessment Van den Boom, H.J.J. and Hasselaar, T.W.F., SNAME Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, 2014

Performance Analysis Of Massively-Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics Vaz, G., Hawkes, J., Turnock, S. R., Cox, S.J., Philips, A. B. , Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, ICHD, Singapore, 2014

Software Seminar Singapore, September 1, 2015

We are pleased to invite you again to our free Software Seminar. This year it will be held in Singapore on September 1st. The venue is still to be decided.

This seminar brings developers and users together to share experiences and define future requirements. If you have used MARIN’s software or are considering using it, we would like to meet you and we welcome your feedback and input.

The Software Seminar will cover: - Hydrodynamic ship design - Terminal design and operation - Offshore engineering - Simulation and training

4 report

Within these sessions, several innovative projects will be presented to discuss upcoming trends in the maritime simula- tion world.

If you are interested please visit for more information and registration. Participation is free of charge. A minimum of 25 participants will ensure the seminar goes ahead.

During the adjacent days (2-4 September) the MARIN Offshore Course will also be organised in Singapore (see News Flash). You are more than welcome to combine both events!

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