The offshore industry works closely together to resolve common challenges. Here is an update on new and running Joint Industry Projects. Participants are still welcome to join, feel free to contact the project leaders below.

Sharing knowledge, experience and costs through joint R&D


To numerically predict extreme wave loads on offshore structures the offshore industry has been working together with MARIN and the universities of Groningen and Delft in the development of the CFD method ComFLOW. Over the last few years many aspects have been studied such as sloshing, air entrapment (“cushioning”), wave run up, deck impacts and the influence of realistic dynamic mooring line and hoisting line modelling.

The ComMotion JIP aims to further increase functionality and efficiency of the ComFLOW Code. The effects of structural response on impact loading will be addressed by including hydro-elastic models and simulations with multiple interactively moving bodies will be possible. Additionally, because any reliable wave impact simulation starts with a realistic modelling of the incoming wave, algorithms for deterministic, steep irregular wave generation will be further developed. The ComFLOW Code will be made available to all the participants, including extensive code validation, bench- marking and developments that were made in previous JIPs.

Contact: Joop Helder, VIM

Floating Offshore structures such as production semi-submersibles and spars can exhibit significant in-line and transverse motions under current conditions. Such motions are generally called Vortex-Induced Motions (VIM) and they could have a strong impact on the fatigue life of mooring and riser systems. For multi-column floaters much less is known with respect to VIM behaviour compared to spars, which is largely due to the many possible geometric design variations.

The aim of this JIP is to increase the insight into the physics behind VIM for multi-column floaters in order to improve the concept design and to better understand possible differences between model-scale and full-scale VIM behaviour. To address the objective, the JIP plans to focus on model testing, theoretical and CFD studies. The VIM JIP is running until the summer of 2016. Participants so far include: MARIN, USP, Petrobras, SBM Offshore, Aker Solutions, BP, Granherne/GVA/KBR and ConocoPhilips.

Contact: Arjen Koop,

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