INDUSTRY NEWS Wagon system wins Swedish Steel Prize

Kiruna Wagon has been awarded the Swedish Steel Prize 2017 for its wagon system Helix Dumper, which off ers a completely new technology for the unloading of fi ne-grained minerals. High-strength steel has been used both in the wagon and in the unloading station. Distinguishing features of the system are its low weight, high payload and a robust and durable unloading system that can


Building on the legacy of the MD6420C, the new Cat MD6310 blasthole drill off ers substantial technology, effi ciency and productivity improvements. A key advantage of the machine, Cat Electronics, delivers advanced troubleshooting for effi cient drill operation and scalable automation. The building blocks include drill assist, semi- autonomous and remote control operation and machine health reporting to improve drilling accuracy, reduce fuel consumption and lower total cost of ownership. Ideal for 12m and 15m bench

heights, the new MD6310 is application-built for effi cient single pass drilling down to 13.7m or 17.5m, depending on mast confi guration. Off ering up to 30° angle holes for cast blasting, it is ideal for numerous mining applications.

operate at a speed of 25,000 tonnes per hour, i.e. twice as fast as some other systems for fi ne-grained ore materials.

Powerful new crusher hits the market

The new Sandvik CS550 cone crusher is a powerful secondary stage crusher for 700–750 tonne applications. In addition to fl exibility and sheer tonnage, it off ers advanced automation and maintenance features for maximal productivity and uptime. A key goal in any crushing operation is to accomplish more work – essentially the sum of crusher capacity and reduction ratio – in each crushing stage while never losing sight of overall effi ciency. Sandvik CS550 does exactly this. It achieves up to 25% higher

reduction ratios compared to similar types of crushers. This enables a more effi cient process in the secondary stage and relieves the tertiary stage of some of its size reduction load, allowing a sharper quality focus. Furthermore, it decreases the recirculating load by up to 50% with no decrease in the output of high-value product. In other words, less material goes back into the crusher to be reprocessed. This extends the service life of the wear parts, including the costly manganese steel used in the crushing chamber.

During discharge, the body of the Helix Dumper rotates 148° while the chassis remains on the rails. The rotation is powered by the locomotive’s forward motion and the unloading process requires no extra energy. Coupled with the rounded shape of the body, the rotation creates optimal conditions for effi cient discharge of even the stickiest concentrate materials that would otherwise tend to cling to the wagon.


A new powered conveyor belt tracker from Martin Engineering delivers immediate and continuous precision adjustment of hard- to-track reversing conveyors, helping operators reduce spillage and extend the life of belts and other system components. Able to eff ectively centre the belt regardless of the travel direction, the unit has demonstrated greater durability and longer service life than previous designs.. Versatile enough to run on 110V/220V power or a plant’s existing compressed air, the Martin Tracker Reversing can even be specifi ed with the company’s Roll Gen system, which uses the kinetic energy of the moving belt to produce a supply of electricity suffi cient to power sensors, scales, lights and other devices when no power is readily available. 7

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