Dust and spillage created a maintenance burden and potential safety hazard

with an external wear liner. Using this approach, the material still hits the liner and doesn’t damage the chute. T e result is considerably reduced installation and service time, with reduced risk during service. At the bottom of the wear liner installers mounted 84 linear ft of ApronSeal Double Skirting, which delivers two wear surfaces on a single elastomer sealing strip. When the bottom side of the strip against the belt is worn, the sealing strip is inverted, providing a second service life. To maintain a straight and consistent belt path, technicians then installed a Heavy-Duty Tracker Belt Tracking System, both upper and lower units. Using innovative multiple-pivot, torque-multiplying technology, the tracker detects slight misalignments and uses the force of the belt to automatically position a steering idler in the opposite direction of the misalignment. To address belt carryback and

further reduce the chance of fugitive material, a dual belt cleaner system was mounted on the face of the head


pulley. T e QC1 Cleaner XHD primary cleaner is engineered to deliver durable belt scraper performance in challenging applications, high belt speeds and multiple splices. Directly after the primary cleaner is a DT2 Inline Cleaner XHD, a secondary conveyor belt scraper featuring rugged blades installed on a track that slides into position on a rigid steel mandrel, which allows quick blade replacement. A fi nal belt protection mechanism was installed at the tail pulley to fi ght the damaging eff ects of fugitive material on the return side of the belt. T e Torsion V-Plow features a spring-loaded suspension system that allows the plough to rise and fall with fl uctuations in belt tension and travel, sweeping away any fugitive material before it can reach the pulley. To complete the containment system, technicians also installed an integrated air cleaner, which contains a suction blower, fi ltering elements and a fi lter cleaning system. Instead of a centrally located unit connected

to dust generation points via ductwork, the Martin Air Cleaner is incorporated into the dust generation point itself. T e particles are not extracted, but are instead collected within the enclosure and periodically discharged back into the material stream.

Impressive results T e results were immediately apparent. “We’ve gone from an everyday battle with this conveyor to almost no clean- up at all,” says a delighted Maita. “Now we have a guy go down there with a broom every few days. T at’s it.”

Coeur Rochester is currently

evaluating fi ve additional conveyor areas for its next upgrade, with a plan currently under development to address those locations. “We’re extremely happy with the system,” Maita concludes. “T e installation was well done, and the guys were very professional and safety-conscious. It’s changed a nightmare into an extremely functional system that operates at a high level.” ●

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