Loretto Care - Issue 1, December 2016

Our view on Step into Leadership Colin Wilson

Recently I attended Loretto Care’s Step into Leadership session at our fantastic new Academy.

I have only worked with Loretto Care for less than a year and the Step into Leadership open badges session has been one of many innovative initiatives

I’ve seen people we work for get involved in.

The culture and forward-thinking nature of the organisation has given me motivation and optimism for the opportunities ahead.

The discussions during the session about what qualities people look for in a leader gave me something to aspire to in my role and in my life. It was particularly interesting to hear people talking about how their families, friends or colleagues had directly influenced their lives. There really are leaders all around that have influenced us positively and helped shape us.

Applying for my open badge online couldn’t have been easier. All I needed to do was register for an account, find the badge for the session I attended and write a few words about what I had learned.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for development for both the people we work for and staff.

Michelle Magaisa

Michelle Magaisa has become a leader in her own life. Michelle, 22, who recently moved on from the Carlisle Road housing support service in Hamilton, wants to be a strong role model to her three cousins.

I learned that being

a leader doesn’t mean you have to be out there making big changes.

Leadership is something we do in our daily lives - often without even realising it.

My young cousins are triplets and are almost three and I want them to look up to me as they grow.

I want them to know that leadership qualities can be used to make good, positive changes.

“Leadership is something we do in our daily lives - often without even realising it”

David Roxburgh

Our Step into Leadership open badge was designed to be available for all people who access services, frontline workers, managers and strategic planners.

As a facilitator, this was a wonderful opportunity to use and develop my

skills in a format that promotes equality and self-leadership.

It was vitally important that I created an environment that felt safe, where people felt equal and found it comfortable to share and dream.

The sessions are designed to embrace emotions, share positive life experiences and focus on the qualities we all have to enable us to be a leader in our own life.

It has been a pleasure to facilitate these sessions and I look forward to experiencing more, as well as working on future open badge developments.

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