Loretto Care - Issue 1, December 2016

Stepping into Leadership: our journey From forums and blogs to self-directed learning

What we do differently

• We now harness managers’ experiences through more reflective forums which encourage everyone to share what they’ve done and think about their leadership skills and abilities

• We encourage individuals to self-direct their own learning

• We get people to think of themselves as leaders and experts right from the start through induction

• We develop specialist roles across the organisation with communication champions, customer service excellence champions and working groups, developing knowledge and skills at all levels

• We ensure we have shared goals through transparency and excellent communication. We encourage this at all levels, including frontline staff and people we work for blogging on our intranet

• We co-produce strategy, policy, procedure and practices with everyone across the organisation, including people we work for

• We encourage frontline innovation over management innovation. A recent initiative, The Lens, saw us invest £20,000 in frontline workers’ ideas to improve the outcomes for individuals

• We developed a community engagement team whose purpose is to engage people we work for in their own services and lives, the development of the organisation and the wider community. The team work with individuals to focus on citizenship leadership

• People we work for, managers and staff take part in mixed Introduction to Stepping into Leadership sessions, discussing what leadership means to them

• We are reviewing job profiles to include skills and capabilities which map the Step into Leadership competencies. These are being discussed with teams and people we work for to co-produce our finalised profiles

Our view on Step into Leadership

Welcome Leadership journey What we do differently Our view on Step into Leadership What happens next?


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