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Loretto Care - Issue 1, December 2016

Stepping into Leadership: our journey Everyone is urged to think of themselves as leaders

We have finally separated the idea of management as a role from leadership as a skill and behaviour. We now thread this concept of ‘leadership for all’ through all of our work, instead of leaving leadership sitting in a management silo.

Everyone who joins us now, either as a worker or an individual receiving support, is encouraged to think of themselves as a leader from the start. We have built the Step into Leadership approach – with its focus on the six key capabilities of vision, self-leadership, motivating and inspiring, empowering, collaborating and influencing, and creativity and innovation - into our inductions. We want staff to consider from the outset their own unique skills, abilities, knowledge and how they are, and can be, leaders in their own communities, lives and roles.

We hold forums in our Academy where we bring together mixed groups of staff, managers and people we work for. They leave their ‘roles’ at the door and together discuss what leadership means to them. These reflective sessions inspire them to go away and use the web-based tools and resources appropriate to their pathway to build and direct

their own learning. We are the first organisation in Scotland to develop our own versions of the Step into Leadership digital certificates, or open badges, and our staff and people we work for are enjoying the achievement gained from working towards their badges. For staff, it forms part of their professional development.

We have changed our supervision processes and introduced outcome-focused plans for people we work for which are very explicit about what people can do, what they are doing well and what they want to achieve as individuals. The emphasis now is on them as leaders, directing their own care and support and their daily lives, with our help.

As we look back on our journey over the past five years, we know we have made huge strides in supporting people to become leaders in their own right. But we’re not stopping there. Our ambition now is to bring more people with us on our Step into Leadership journey, supporting their individual learning and helping them reach their full potential in life.

Laura Pluck, Care Services Improvement Manager

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