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Loretto Care - Issue 1, December 2016

Stepping into Leadership: our journey How we have embedded a culture of ‘leadership for all’

At Loretto Care, everyone is considered a leader in their life, whether they’re a manager, a member of staff or one of the people we work for.

We have evolved significantly over the past three years. Previously, like many care providers, we operated a top-down approach with learning often directed by the manager to fulfil statutory requirements. All too often there was passive classroom-based training. And ‘leader’ was simply another word for manager.

Now everyone has the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and capabilities no matter their role, to share their knowledge and experience to inspire others and to direct their own learning. But embedding this new culture of leadership for all hasn’t happened overnight.

The turning point for us came in 2011 when we went through our biggest restructure. It left us with a stripped-back Learning and Development Team and fewer managers with less time to coach and mentor staff.

At the same time, our ambitions to deliver more personalised services for the people we work for - to help them get more out of their lives - were growing.

We knew we had to start developing individuals, inspiring and motivating them as well as providing training. We had to do things differently.

We looked at what was already out there and introduced new approaches such as blended learning. This included increasing the use of technology to support learning through, for example, the use of e-learning.

Around that time, the leadership strategy for social services in Scotland was being developed, and leadership for everybody, linked to the changing landscape in care and the personalisation agenda, was being discussed.

This approach resonated with our ethos and ambitions and by 2013 we had become very interested in the programme of works led by the Scottish Social Services Leadership Strategy Group.

Step into Leadership has helped us to think differently about leadership and to embed the idea of everyone as a leader in their daily life. It has also given us the framework, the tools and resources to bring everyone along on the journey and to enable them to self direct their learning.


Leadership journey

What we do differently

Our view on Step into Leadership

What happens next?

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