Global energy services company Proserv has launched a new subsea sampling cylinder that can improve the quality of results and reduce risks normally associated with sample transfer.

Based on existing technology, the Proserv Subsea Sampling Cylinder (SSC) is the world’s first fully qualified and certified ‘for shipping’ sample cylinder to be deployed in a subsea environment. The system accurately captures well properties throughout the lifetime of a field.

Subsea cylinders allow operators to take representative production samples from a subsea system for direct transfer to a laboratory. Proserv’s SSC eliminates the risks associated with handling and transferring samples on the surface, reducing the risk of containment loss and exposure to H2s / CO2 which can present a danger to people and the environment.

Andrew Anderson, Senior Vice President for Production Equipment Services (PES) at Proserv, said: “With operators facing increased challenges in maximising production from geologically complex, high pressure and temperature and often remote and

inhospitable fields, being able to generate accurate and reliable information from wells is critical in establishing its status and prospects.

“Proserv has an established track record spanning over 40 years in the sampling services and subsea sectors and we consistently deliver robust technology systems and services for customers on time and to the highest standards and technical specifications.

“Our teams have developed a system to eliminate many of the issues that traditionally affect subsea samples. With the increasing demand for flow assurance and reservoir analysis, Proserv fully intends to set the pace as the leading global player in the subsea sampling field.”

The Proserv SSC is suitable for severe service applications and has a large two-litre sample

volume. Cylinders are available for sale or rental for use with existing systems. They can also be integrated with the firm’s bespoke subsea sampling systems (SSS) which have been manufactured and delivered to clients around the world.

Proserv is a technology-driven company providing products, services and bespoke solutions to clients across the drilling, production and decommissioning market sectors. Operating worldwide through 22 operating centres based in 12 countries, the company has won a string of industry awards over the years in recognition of its achievements

For more information about Proserv, visit:

Above: Proserv’s subsea sampling cylinder eliminates risks associated with handling and transferring samples to the surface.


Impact Subsea is excited to announce the launch of a ground breaking underwater Attitude & Heading Reference System - the ISM3D.

The ISM3D utilises high grade MEMS* based Accelerometers, Angular Rate Gyroscopes and Magnetometers all of which feed into an advanced fusion engine driven by a dual core micro-processor.

The unit provides Heading to ±0.5° of local Magnetic North with Pitch and Roll to ±0.05° accuracy.

For optimal performance, a hard and soft iron calibration can be performed on the unit once installed on the ROV, AUV or other underwater platform. This ensures that a consistently accurate heading is provided at all times.

In areas where a large amount of steel of p48 | | April 2017

other magnetic disturber is present, the unit can be switched to operate using the Angular Rate Gyroscopes and Accelerometers, without input from the Magnetometer. The low drift rate of the advanced MEMS based Gyroscopes enables navigation to be conducted in areas where previously only a fibre or ring laser diode based heading sensor would suffice.

Provided in a Titanium housing, depth rated to 6,000 meters, with a length of 65mm - the ISM3D sets a new standard in size, durability and capability.

Ben Grant, Managing Director of Impact Subsea, commented:

With the ISM3D we have built on the AHRS capability packaged within our other products. Utilising extremely high grade MEMS sensors has enabled

the creation of a high accuracy underwater sensor in a very compact housing. The ISM3D greatly compliments Impact Subsea’s existing range of Proserv launches new subsea sampling innovation advanced Altitude, Depth & Temperature sensing solutions.

The ISM3D will be on display at Ocean Business, Southampton, 4-6th April 2017, Stand A29. For further information, please visit:

*MEMS: Micro-Electro- Mechanical-Systems

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