A new generation of remotely operated underwater vehicles developed for the nuclear sector by one of Europe’s leading ROV specialists are equipped with residual current monitors from Bender UK for advance warning of potentially damaging water ingress.

Rovtech Solutions based in Barrow-in-Furness has designed the new Nano Seaker remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to work in arduous environments including highly radioactive storage ‘ponds’ at Sellafield and on other nuclear sites. They are also commissioned for use in lakes and reservoirs to help with underwater search tasks and surveying of underwater structures and containment tanks.

Weighing in at just 15 kilograms Nano Seaker is primarily designed as an ‘eyeball’ giving a live camera feed back to the operator. It can also be equipped with a grab, and with sonar to enhance its underwater search capabilities.

Bender’s Linetraxx® RCM420 residual current monitor (RCM) notifies immediately if there is water ingress into the umbilical control tether or the ROV unit itself. The early warning of developing electrical faults is vital to ensure that the vehicle can be recovered under power before critical failure.

Rovtech Solutions Technical Manager Barry Vernon explains: “Our ROVs operate in a range of hostile environments and the Bender equipment monitors the status of the electronics which power and control the units. It prevents a simple leak developing into something potentially more serious, or presenting a safety risk to operators. Protection of the asset is vital, and continuous monitoring of the ROV allows optimum operational time for users of the Nano Seaker.”

Rovtech Solutions also aims to include Bender Linetraxx® RCM technology in an upgrade of the larger Adaptable Seaker ROVs which have seen decades of service on the Sellafield site.

Ulverston-based Bender UK works with a range of original equipment manufacturers in subsea and offshore oil and gas sectors to protect personnel, systems and production. The collaboration with Rovtech Solutions demonstrates how deploying Bender technology can avoid costly equipment damage and ensure plant availability for vital field operations.

Bender UK Industrial Business Manager Phil Robinson comments: “As a company developing its own range of advanced products, the team at Rovtech Solutions appreciate the capability of our technology and how it protects not only their

Above: Rovtech Solutions Technical Manager Barry Vernon is pictured with Bender UK Industrial Business Manager Phil Robinson and the new Nano Seaker ROV equipped with Bender residual current monitors to give advance warning of potentially damaging water ingress.

assets but their reputation as one of Europe’s leading ROV specialists. Collaborations of this sort play to our strengths producing innovative products which are then complemented by Bender UK’s excellent applications engineering.

“Bender’s range of electrical safety and intelligent monitoring and measurement systems are designed to monitor and protect assets which work in some of the harshest operating conditions. We understand the critical importance of plant availability and resilience, and we welcome opportunities to work with original equipment manufacturers to deliver tailored solutions that safeguard their equipment. HYDRO GROUP BOOSTS GLOBAL PRESENCE WITH AUSTRALIAN PARTNERSHIP

Aberdeen headquartered subsea cable and connector specialist Hydro Group plc has partnered with MacTaggart Scott Australia as the firm increases its positioning in the region.

The partnership is focused on consolidating Hydro Group’s current work on the Royal Australian Navy Collins Class Submarines and to extend its services to aid the Australian capability for Future Submarine and Future Frigate. Additionally, the company will offer its expertise in specific marine cabling systems.

Complementing the work Hydro Group undertakes, MacTaggart Scott provides solutions from analysis of initial requirements through to commission and life support, operating in the naval defence and marine industries, globally.

p26 | | April 2017

Graham Wilkie, Head of Global Development at Hydro Group said: “Entering into this new agreement allows us to improve our network across Australia. We have seen demand increase for our high reliability interconnection products for submerged fibre and electrical systems, and the Future submarine programme will require closer working relationships to be established. This partnership will enable us to further improve our existing customer service and provide local support and manufacturing capability.

As part of the company’s international expansion strategy, Chris Westren has been appointed as Hydro Group business development manager. Based in Adelaide, Chris will provide on the ground support for Hydro Group’s customers, whilst being

responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities.

Mr Wilkie continued: “With over 20 years’ experience in the defence sector, Chris brings a wealth of invaluable industry experience to Hydro Group. His appointment will allow us to increase efficiency and ensure regular interaction with customers across the region. I have no doubt he will be an asset to our team.”

Peter Richings, MacTaggart Scott Australia general manager commented: “We take pride in supporting innovative and forward thinking companies, and we are pleased to support Hydro Group’s operations throughout Australia. We look forward to identifying new opportunities for the company and in turn support its international growth plans.”

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