membrane, asphalt or other liquid-applied waterproofing material. Hydrostatic pressure – the external water

pressure around the basement – is also a critical factor that needs to be considered. It is crucial that the tanking is securely fixed to the substrate as the pressure from the water table around the basement can be significant. Hydrostatic pressure will force water through tiny gaps very quickly, so great care should be taken at this stage to ensure the waterproofing will meet the demands made of it. As mentioned earlier, cavity membranes are

a suitable alternative to tanking. Membranes with a studded profile can be used to form an inner waterproof structure. The studded side is

placed against the wall, creating an area that allows water to flow down to the floor and into a drainage channel to a sump. It is then pumped out to a suitable drainage outlet. This method is also the number one choice in

refurbishments, as the amount of construction work needed is greatly reduced compared with the alternatives. The floor must not be overlooked, and a suit-

able high capacity drainage membrane should be specified. Again, using this solution the mois- ture will find its way to the drainage channel. Taking the basement route to creating

extra space may, to many, seem to be a much tougher option than loft extensions or conservatories, but that really is not the case.

 Waterproofing simplified with Multi-Tight 2K   

Multi-Tight 2K from Remmers is a new, flexible, mineral based waterproofing product which has all the performance properties of older technology polymer-modified thick bitumen emulsions, whilst being ‘bitumen free’. Using unique rubber granulate filler technology Multi-Tight 2K has a crack-bridging capacity which is five times more effective than standard flexible mineral-based waterproofing systems. The versatility of the product allows it to be used to waterproof

below ground externally and internally offering excellent resistance to ground or water pressure as well as frost and salts.

01293 594010 Enq. 184 Exterior wood – great looks that last and last

Fencing and trellis, arbours and pergolas can all look great, but having to paint or varnish them each year isn’t quite so attractive! Thankfully now you don’t have to. With the new range of exterior wood finishes from Polyvine, you get fabulous looking wood – and protection from rot and decay – for five whole years, the longest guarantee on the market. The oils solids content ensures thorough coverage, excellent water repellence, low odour, flexibility that prevents blistering and peeling,

UV filters to stop fading and weathering and microporous breathability to prevent mould, mildew, algae and fungal attack. For more information visit the Polyvine website.

Enq. 185 selfbuilder & homemaker 49 Enq. 186

Basement construction can be quick and the benefits for the future of the occupiers of the property are substantial. Designed correctly, the end result is additional living space that is warm, comfortable, free of damp and – most importantly to the home owner – capable of adding value to the property. Many residents in the more affluent areas of

London are recognising how basements create the required space and greatly improve the value of their individual properties. It seems that ‘going down’ is the way to go.

David Symes is technical director at Delta Membrane Systems

Enq. 183

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