Product Focus TME

The MM2008 thermometer from TME helps landlords keep on top of essential water checks legally required to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. Its built-in timer with one and two minute countdown buttons simplifies timed temperature tests on taps and showers. How good a USP is this? Well, you try holding a thermometer, timer, clipboard and a pen all at the same time without dropping something! The thermometer can be bought online as part of a single kit combined with TME’s unique KS01-S dual surface/immersion probe, conveniently designed for use on both pipes AND running water – all for just £150. Order code CLEGK2.

T-T Pumps

Picture this, you have just arrived back from your holiday to find out your pumping station pumps have failed, your garden (or even worse your home!) is flooded with sewage and you know an expensive bill is coming your way. It’s a situation no one wants to be in, but unfortunately can happen. Well worry no more, with T-T’s 24/7 monitoring package there will never be a time when your pumping station is not under observation. For more information on monitoring packages from T-T and for further applications for the monitoring unit visit the website.


Poujoulat UK’s Therminox TI and ZI chimney system is “the only HETAS listed metal twin wall chimney that is soot fire tested using a solid fire stop in the room of the appliance in domestic houses” which, the company says, makes it an “ideal internal metal chimney solution for houses built post 2008 (Airtight)”. During testing, the soot fire test took the cooling air for the enclosure shaft down from the roof space and avoided taking air flow from the living room and this was sufficient to achieve a distance to combustible materials of 50mm. For further information on Poujoulat’s complete range visit the website.

ESS Ventilation .

A well-managed ventilation system helps avoid mould formation on walls and ensures that you, your family, friends or colleagues breathe cleaner, fresher air. There are three popular types of ventilation technologies, heat recovery systems, positive input ventilation and extract ventilation. With over 18 years of professional experience in the trade, ESS Ventilation is a reputable provider of ventilation systems, both commercial and domestic, and can offer excellent solutions for mould and condensation removal as well. ESS Ventilation serves South London and the South East.


UK ventilation manufacturer EnviroVent has revealed that its Filterless Extract Fan is its most successful product ever! The fan, which achieved over 1,000,000 sales in 2016, was designed to help reduce issues of condensation and mould and can be found in homes across the UK. This includes over 25,000 Filterless Fans in properties owned by Fife Council. Designed for social housing with zero resident intervention. The Filterless Fan provides exceptional performance and received royal approval in 2009 by winning the coveted Queen’s Award for Product Innovation. Over 500 registered providers trust us to look after their ventilation requirements.

Anchor Magnets

Warmroom® from Anchor Magnets Ltd is a patented and cost effective magnetic heat saver, which grips to the rear of steel radiators preventing heat radiating to the wall. The low emissivity of Warmroom® reduces the heat lost through exterior walls by up to 60 per cent, and is easily fitted by a tenant or resident without the need to remove radiators. As well as reducing heat loss and heating bills, Warmroom® helps the environment by lowering the carbon footprint of a property.

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