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H F

Whether you’re travelling back to the Middle Ages or just the last century, historical ficon is a great way to escape the present for a few hours.

T M by J B

Burton’s, The Miniaturist, was one of 2014s

bestsellers and I enjoyed this even more. West Indian‐born

Odelle lands a job at a London art instute in 1967. Her friend, Lawrie, has a painng he thinks the instute might be interested in, but Odelle’s boss seems to know more about the picture than she’s willing to admit. In 1936, Olive is aempng to hide her arsc talents from her father, while building a life for herself in Spain. A brilliant portrayal of forging one’s identy in a foreign country.

T H by J A

It’s 1066 and a Norman army is marching through England, destroying anyone and anything in their path. Five travellers are fleeing

to the last Saxon stronghold, but will they reach it in me and is it just the Normans they’re running from? There’s acon scenes aplenty, with the individual stories of the five travellers ‐ servant, lady, priest, warrior and minstrel. Aitcheson has clearly done his homework on this era and creates characters that are every bit as human and flawed as their modern‐day counterparts.

S Y by K M

It’s 1940 and Poland is under occupaon. Seventeen year old Anna is forced to leave her home near Krakow to work on an Austrian farm, where she is lile more than a slave. But she finds solace, friendship and love amongst her fellow workers, even as the situaon they find themselves in becomes progressively harder. The author’s parents were Polish refugees and survivors of Stalin’s labour camps, and this personal connecon certainly comes across in this poignant tale.

T F   E   W by S V

Will and Alice are evacuated to a Cornish farm to escape war‐ torn London. There they find safety, although it’s not the picture‐postcard life they may have imagined. Friendship between Will and the farmer’s daughter Maggie blossoms into love, but a lie will change things between the three forever. Seventy years on, Alice wants to

atone, but is it too late to make amends? An enjoyable story of love, friendship and how somemes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.

L M T Y A A M I K by S F

When Jeanne Trabuc’s sons leave home, boredom and loneliness sele over her in a quiet depression. When a new paent arrives at the asylum that her husband runs, Jeanne reaches out to him. An arst, with wild red hair, self‐mulated ear and atude so different to anyone she knows, he has the power to reawaken the spark within Jeanne that she’s subdued for so long. A beauful, ficonal re ‐imagining of Vincent Van Gogh’s me at the Saint‐Paul‐ de‐Mausole instuon.

T P C by K M

It’s 1361 and plague is once more stealing through England. In its wake is an even deadlier curse ‐ fear. As neighbours turn against each other and hysteria sweeps the naon, can Sara protect her family? Up in the manor house, 16 year old Chrisna and her secret baby are hiding from the world, waing to see whether her abusive husband will come home from France and claim the child. With a long cast of characters, and plenty of plot twists and turns, The Plague Charmer could well stay with you long aer you’ve turned the last page.

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