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Larry’s idea is to establish a statewide “Speaker’s Bureau” that could be called upon in every community across the state. Te vision is to have a formal training program that would allow us to “deputize” members of the Association to be able to deliver a consistent, uniform story about the industry and their experiences in trucking.

I hope that we would be able to have enough volunteers statewide that we’d be able to coordinate speaking opportunities at schools, civic groups, political forums — anywhere that we could get an audience to talk about highway safety and the impact on our State’s economic and business investment and the creation of jobs. president vice president Tanks and I look forward to hearing your comments and interests! Bob Clark

Trucking Associations (ATA). ATA serves and represents the trucking industry on a national level, influencing federal and state government actions, advancing a positive trucking industry image, providing education programs and industry research, and promoting highway safety and security.

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While this idea is still on the drawing board, I would like to poll our members’ interest in participating. If you think that you or a member of your company could spare a day for training and an occasional hour or two to help share our story, I’d love to hear from you. Please email Larry at ljohnson@nebtrucking. com and copy me at

Speakers could share how anyone interested in pursuing a career in trucking could obtain training and or education here in our state.

Brent Bennett illustrator Jon D. Kennedy art director Jennifer Matthews-Drake publisher GOOD MORNING FROM GRAND ISLAND!

Larry Johnson has proposed an idea that I am excited to share with our association. It is an idea that will give any of our members an opportunity to promote the great things about our industry to people across the state. As our Association staff responds when asked why they enjoy working at the Nebraska Trucking Association, “Te trucking industry has such a great story to tell!” I have to agree with them and proudly say that we DO have so many great things to share with others about our industry.



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