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No, not inside the flowerpot nor under the doormat!

Hiding a spare key for your house somewhere it can be found in an emergency is a great idea – something most of

us do! It is how and where we hide it which makes all the difference between it

being a godsend (perhaps even a potential lifesaver) and a burglar's dream.

Whether we need it because we can't find the keys at the bottom of our (hand)bags; we've left it at work; or a self-locking door has closed behind us, the peace of mind knowing there is help at hand is immeasurable but not if you compromise your security.

We all know popping it underneath a flowerpot or doormat is tantamount to inviting burglars in to your home – those are the first places they look! – but we can very easily invalidate our insur- ance should it be found and used as this only usually applies in the event of forced entry.

Take advice from the experts –

Burfords. “Leaving a key with a trusted neighbour or friend is probably what many of us do but that doesn't help if they're not at home when you need it. Far better to be independent and fit a wall safe offering secure access 24/7”, suggests local locksmith Dean Adams.

Burfords offer a full range of wall safes suitable for all locations and budgets, too, as they start from just £29.99. Dean added, “Not only do they give you access but can prove invaluable to carers, health or other emergency services – they may literally be

page 36 lifesavers.”

With their best seller costing around £38 and a fitting service available from Burfords, who also cut keys, why not buy yourself some peace of mind


But what if you don't have a spare available anywhere at that heart-stopping moment when you realise you really are locked out – not next door, not in a wall safe, not even inside a fake rock trying to look inconspicuous in the middle of an immaculate lawn?

Well the answer then is … Burfords, again! If there is one telephone number you need to keep handy, it is 01548 852057.

Since 1972 they have been coming to the aid of 'locked-out-of-South-Hams”, when you need them. “Key recovery schemes can often ensure keys find their way back to the rightful owner but that could be several days later, if not longer – we can get you into the property now,” explained Dean. “Your local locksmith really is your friend in need!”

So, should you find yourself in that unfortunate position, leave the lock picks to the chaps in stripy jumpers with sacks on their backs and call in the experts! Oh, and Houdini, a locksmith by trade before becoming a magician, may have been able to miraculously open locks but screen depictions showing them springing open after a few seconds poking with a hairpin are grossly inaccurate; just ask the experts at Burfords!

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