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Pay16 -WhatDoesIt Who’sincluded.

Core Salary: Rank-based, Enduring and Pensionable


Trade-based,Enduring and Pensionable

X-Factor Addition: Enduring and Pensionable

Introduction. TheChief of the Air Staff commends Pay16toyou; it removesthe irritants fromthecurrent Pay2000 structure, retains incrementalpay and continues to recognise skillsand experience. Crucially,pay protectionwillensure no one will takea paycut on implementation. He is also pleased that we arenow

abletoimplementamodernand competitiveremuneration package which, together with the wider benefits thatformpartofthe offer, reinforcesthe valuethe Royal Air Force places on people. ■

When. Pay16will be implemented on 1Apr 16. ■

ReasonsFor Change.

• Better Trade recognition through greater differentiation.

• More efficient use of the IncrementalStructure.

• Better predictability and transparency of through career earnings.

• Reduce paycomplexity. • Addressed the dissatisfaction with Pay2000, fromService Personnel and AFPRB:

– Flip-Flop:whereanindividual movesbetween high and low paybands on promotion.

– Overtake: newly promoted ORs arepaid morethan colleagues with moreseniorityatthe same rank.

– Overlap: whereanindividualof alower rank is paid morethan an individual of ahigherrank in the same Trade.

• All Regular and Reserve Personnel up to and including the rankof Air Commodore.

• Nurses and Special Forces will continue to have bespokepay spines but the incremental structures of the ranges areadjusted to mirrorthose of the main pay tables -further details availablein DIB10/16.

Who’snot included. •

16 PayStatement.

• TheCommissionedWarrantOfficer PayScaleremainsextant.


Scenario1-Gain. Wherethe equivalentPay16 rate appropriate forthe individual’s time in rank is higher than in Pay2000. ■

It will not apply to personnel paid fromthe ProfessionalAviators’, Medical and DentalOfficers’and Chaplains’BespokePay Spines.

TheFacts. •

Scenario 2-Standstill (Protected Rate). ThePay16 rateappropriatetothe individual’sincrement [time in rank] is less than in Pay2000. These individuals will move across

to first ‘noloss’NEM payrate(ie higher increment) andwait on aSSRP until their time in rank matches increment. Continue to be eligible forthe Annual PayAwardwhilst standing still. ■

It is not asavingsexercise. The valueofArmed Forces payhas been redistributed within each rank range.

• No loss on Go-Live(manygain). • Forthose not in payprotectionNEM incrementalprogression rules apply.

• All personnel on PayProtection continuetobeeligible forthe AnnualPayAward.

• 2% rise in payonpromotion and 5% on promotion fromCplto Sgtremains.

• Those personnel who transition to aStand Still Rate of Pay(SSRP) will remain on this rate until their payseniority catches up,but will continue to be eligible forthe AnnualPay Award.

• Those personnel who transition to aSpecially Determined Rate of Pay(SDRP) will remain on SDRP until theyare promoted or exit theService.

• Transitional protection will existfor at least 3years and will be reviewed after1year to consider extension of it beyond the 3years.

• Your PayStatement in Apr 16 will showifyou areona SDRP/SSRP and the end date;additionally it will provide the breakdown value of Core Salary, Supplement &X-Factor.

• An Incremental BaseDate(IBD) is thedateupon which, in normal circumstances,theYearly Incremental Progression is awarded.This date is calculatedinitiallyfromthe date of promotiontoahigherpaidrank. Checkthis dateiscorrect on your Apr

Scenario 3-Specially Determined Rate of Pay(SDRP). Those whosePay2000 rateofpay is above the highest Pay16 ratefor their Trade and Supplement. These individuals will continue on

the same rateofpay,referredtoas SDRP until promotion, or exit from Service.Continue to get Annual Pay Awardwhilststandingstill. ■

Scenario4-NoChange. TheSPmove across on their current Rate of Payand continue to increment at their existing IBD. ■

JobEvaluation (JE) - Frequently AskedQuestions:

HowhavetheTrade Supplements been designed and howwerethe thresholds between the4Supplementsdetermined? UnlikePay2000, Supplement boundaries arenot governed by a fixed-point boundary. Instead,informed by the JE evidence,the Trade-to- Supplement placement reflects Tri-Service judgement/agreement on which Trades should featurewithin each of the 4Supplements. This judgement includes considerationofthe need to differentiate(or target) pay, the importanceoffairness and the need for affordability. ■

Will therebeareviewofTrade Placements in Supplements? Theplacement of Trades to Supplements will continue to be based on JE evidence and therewill be arolling programmeof JE reviews of each Trade by the Joint Services JobEvaluationTeam. Themechanism forfuturereviewofthe placements of Trades to Supplements will be considered by the Defence People and Training Boardlater thisyear. ■

What arethe 6factors utilised forJE?

1. Knowledge,skills and experience needed forthe post and the range of applicationrequired.

2. Complexityand mental challenge of the job.

3. Judgement and decision-making, and the impactofthe job’s output on the success of the organisation.

4. Use of resources (Personnel, Equipment, Budgets etc); the levelofsupervisionundertaken and the jobholder’s influence in theorganisation.

5. Communication; the levelofinternal and external communications and their significance.

6. Working conditions; healthand safety aspects,bodilyconstraints andphysical environment of the job in question.

WhyareOfficers not subjecttothe PaySupplementapproach being applied to Other Ranks (ORs)? AsOfficers arenot exclusively employedonaTradeorspecialisation basis,their annual salarycannot be determined in the same wayasORs. JE forOfficersindicates that most oftenthereisinsufficientdifferencein JE scores to differentiate paythrough Supplements,especially when combined with the employment/ career pattern. ■

More Information. Your UnitNEM Champion/RAFNEM Intranet Site(Dii onHQAirHome page)/Pay16Booklet,DIB08/16, DIB10/16, DIB13/16, IBN 20/16, 2016 PayAward Calculator. Full details of Pay16 forFTRS Full Commitment(FC) andHome Commitment(HC)can be found in the Pay16 booklet. ■

Annual Salary

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