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ASCA Introduces Lifetime Achievement Award First recipient to be recognized at ASCA 2016 BY ROBERT KURTZ


his year ASCA will begin award- ing a new lifetime achievement

award named after former ASCA/ ASCA Foundation Board President Beall D. “Nap” Gary, Jr. The Nap Gary Legacy Award will

recognize current or former ASCA members

for outstanding lifetime

contributions to the ASC community. The first recipient will be recognized at the ASCA 2016 meeting in Dallas, May 19–22. “Nap was the perfect role model for the person this award is meant to rec- ognize,” says Terry Bohlke, CASC, president of ASCA and vice president of ambulatory surgery centers for Com- munity Health Systems, an operator of ASCs and hospitals based in Franklin, Tennessee. “He embodied selfless dedi- cation and devotion to the ASC indus- try and carried himself with the utmost and the highest ethical standards.” All ASCA members may nomi- nate themselves or another member for this award. The nominee must be an active or previous member of ASCA. The nominee must also have been actively working in the ASC industry for at least 15 years and an ASCA member for at least 10 years preceding his/her nomination. Instructions on how to submit a nominee will be available on the ASCA web site.

Gary’s Life and Contributions After decades of service to the ASC community and ASCA, Gary passed away, at age 56, on May 10, 2015. At the time, he was serving as the past president of the ASCA and ASCA Foundation Boards of Directors and preparing to help lead ASCA’s annual meeting. Before 2015, he held multi- ple leadership roles in the association


physician relations. He worked in the health care industry for 30 years. “Nap mentored countless people throughout his career, many of whom are some of the most influential lead- ers in the ASC industry today,” Bohlke says. “Those of us who were fortunate enough to have been mentored by Nap stand today as his living legacy and a testament to the everlasting impact he had on the ASC industry.” Gary earned a JD from Washing-

Former ASCA/ASCA Foundation Board President Nap Gary

Nap was the perfect role model for the person this award is meant to recognize. He embodied selfless dedication and devotion to the ASC

industry and carried himself with the utmost and the highest ethical standards.”

—Terry Bohlke, CASC, ASCA

over many years and helped lay impor- tant groundwork for many of the pro- grams, services and activities that ASCA offers today. He also helped lead some of the earliest advocacy efforts that ASCA coordinated. In addition to the many leadership positions that he filled in ASCA, Gary served as chief operating officer and member of the board of directors for Westchester, Illinois-based ASC man- agement and development company Regent Surgical Health. In this posi- tion, he oversaw all operations and

ton University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri, and a BA from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. His civic activities included serving as chairman of the board of the Big Broth- ers Big Sisters of Greater Birmingham and president of the Shelby County Humane Society. He is survived by his wife, Amy Little Gary, and three chil- dren, Emily Ann, Beall Dozier Gary III (Britt) and David Loren.

Lasting Legacy The ASC industry was Gary’s life’s work, so it is appropriate that the life- time achievement award be named in his honor, Bohlke says. “Nap’s leadership in ASCA grew membership to unprecedented heights by developing new member benefit pro- grams and raising member retention to levels rarely experienced by associa- tions,” he says. “His support of govern- ment relations significantly strength- ened our relationship with Congress and positioned ASCA as a go-to orga- nization for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Under Nap’s lead- ership, ASCA thrived financially and created a sustainability fund to secure the association’s future. By advancing ASCA to an entirely new level, Nap’s contributions to the ASC industry were nothing short of spectacular.”

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