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Apprenticeship levy and the new Green Paper

8 Policy promises a massive upheaval in recruitment

We should all pay more attention to politics, says Stephen Isherwood, AGR.

11 Things can only get better… right? With the proposed Green Paper, Rajesh Patel and Bob Athwal

from University of Leicester, explore the best ways for universities and employers to work together.

12 Will the new apprenticeship levy revolutionise Britain’s future workforce?

BPP explains all you need to know about the upcoming apprenticeship levy.

15 The new Green Paper and what it means for graduate recruitment

If education must be viewed as a product, that product should be empowerment, according to Mike Grey at Gradconsult.

Students and employability

16 What do students think of employability? With all the changes in education and recruitment, NCUB asks the students what their view is on it all.

18 The E-factor: Cracking employability in a digital age

Anthony Walters from ACCA explains how best to bridge the gap between employers and graduates.

Supporting and Challenging

20 How regulatory change will impact recruitment for the financial services industry Andy Bennett at Fitch Learning describes the importance of the Senior Managers’ and Certification Regimes for financial services recruitment.

22 The significance of Tier 2 visa rule changes How will the new visa changes affect the skills shortage in

engineering and IT, ask Stephen Rooney and Mark Bradford, STEM Graduates.

23 How the gender pay gap impacts your graduates The pay gap needs to be addressed from the early stage of

recruitment, stresses the Hay Group.

24 The Prime Minister recommends name-blind recruitment – but what’s next?

Raphael Mokades from Rare is requested at Downing Street to discuss the importance of names…


6 Up Front… Everything you need to know – and more.

28 Day in the Life… Law student, Khobaib Abuelmeaza shows how

organisations such as Social Mobility Foundation can provide a solid grounding for those that need it most.

30 Diarist Dr Paul Redmond asks if technology will take

over from people in the future workplace.

31 Analyse this AGR’s Research Analyst, Sam Gordon explains

the exciting trends AGR will be exploring in 2016.

Workplace learning

26 New pathways into law? Reed Smith discuss the little-known impact of recent educational policy on the legal sector.


29 AGR Development Awards 2016 – Shortlist announced The full list of nominations for this year’s Development Awards!

Policy that emerges in 2016

from the government’s Green Paper ‘Fulfilling our

Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice’ heralds the biggest shake-up of Higher Education since 1997. | Graduate Recruiter 05

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