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6 May 1899 The Schooner HIRAM LOWELL LOST The Craft Drifted Ashore on Amherst Island in Thursday’s Gale – Was Owned in Gloucester.

9702 9 May 1899

Successful Launch at Bath. The Big Five Master HENRY O. BARRETT Put Into the Water-Dimensions of the Craft. Bath, May 9. – The five masted schooner HENRY O. BARRETT was successfully launched at the C. G. Deering yards, here at 11:45 o’clock, this forenoon. The HENRY O. BARRETT is the

second fi ve masted schooner built in Bath, and she is in every respect one of the fi nest vessels ever launched here. Her length of keel is 228 feet; beam, 48 feet; depth, 22 feet, and her fi ttings are of the most modern description.

The BARRETT differs from the other big vessels built here in that hse has three decks instead of two and each is fastened with braces instead of knees. Not a knee has been used in her construction and it is believed the three decks will give her more than the usual strength. The schooner has a white oak frame with yellow pine planking. The forward house includes the forecastle and donkey engine room. Amidships is the galley and carpenters’ apartments, while aft the cabin is fi nished in hard wood with six state rooms, including the apartments of the commander, Capt. A. A. Davis, of Somerest, Massachustts, formerly master of the four- masted schooner, DAVID P. DAVIS.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, May 6. – A dispatch was received here this morning from Amherst Island via North Sidney, C. B., announcing the loss of the fi shing schooner HIRAM LOWELL, one of the fi nest vessels in the Gloucester fi shing fl eet. The dispatch says that she parted her chains and cables in Thursday’s gale and lost her sails. She drifted ashore and fi lled with water. The crew was saved.

The schooner sailed from Gloucester about ten days ago on a fresh and salt fi shing trip.

The HIRAM LOWELL was built at Gloucester in 1892, and was owned by her captain, George W. Nelson and Samuel A. Smith. She was of 127 gross tonnage, 95 ½ feet long, 24 feet beam and 11 feet deep. She was valued at $10,000. The vessel was insured for $6,000 and her outfi t for $2,000.

The schooner was launched without any of her masts in position. She is the fi rst schooner that has been launched in this way for many years in this vicinity.

12 May 1899

About the CRESSEY. The M. D. CRESSEY, which was launched at Bath on Thursday, is the fi rst fi vemasted schooner built by Percy & Small of that city and in the construction neither pains, money nor time have been spared to make her a perfect vessel and judging from the comments, the fi rm has hit upon a perfect combination, for the general opinion of all who have visited and inspected her is that there is no chance for improvement. Among the improvements on the

CRESSEY is a large 3000 pound stockless anchor, made of steel, which is the fi rst one used on any sailing vessel. The anchor chains are two and one-half inches. The CRESSEY is rated A1 for 15 years, was built for the general trade and has a carrying capacity of about 3500 tons. Capt. William F. Harding, of Chatham, Massachusetts, will command the CRESSEY. He was formerly of the fourmasted schooner WM. H. CLIFFORD and is one of the most successful captains on the coast. The CLIFFORD has the record of being one of the best paying vessels in the big fl eet of Maine vessels. Mr. Harding has been captain the past 20 years. This is the fi rst fi vemaster and he is highly pleased with her. His brother, E. S. Harding, also of Chatham, will go with him as mate. The crew all told will number 13 men.

The cost of the CRESSEY will be in the vicinity of $85,000. She is owned by Percy & Small, the managing owners, Capt. W. F. Harding and parties in Maine, Massachusetts and New York. She is named in honor of M. D. Cressey, Esq., of Boston. The threemasted schooner HENRY

R. TILTON, which went ashore at Point Allerton, Massachusetts, during the November gale, was fl oated on Wednesday by the tug NATHANIEL P. DOANE. Wreckers have been working on the vessel for many weeks, and several previous attempts to fl oat her had been unsuccessful.

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