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District for publication in the 2016 Coast Pilot.

Turning Basin Dredging - Jennifer Flana- gan, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jennifer Flanagan summarized the pending Portsmouth Turning Basin dredg- ing project. The Piscataqua River was fi rst dredged in 1964-66(35’ channel depth) with localized widening in certain down-riv- er areas in 1990-92.

The widening was

intended to make the channel suitable to facilitate 45,000 deadweight ton ships. The Turning Basin is now slated to be widened to better serve the increasing vessel sizes in the Piscataqua River and make it more compatible with 40-45,000 deadweight ton vessels. While the Turning Basin is proposed to be widened, the controlling depth will remain 35’. The project has gone through and passed the feasibility phase but is now awaiting Congressional authorization and appropriation for execution.

There is no

available time-line on fi nal approval. MARAD Update:

Overview of StrongPorts Program - Cap- tain Jeffery Flumignan, MARAD Captain Jeffery Flumignan visited the Port Safety from to discuss the StrongPorts Program.StrongPorts is a collection of the Maritime Administration’s programs and efforts aimed at improving ports’ effi cien- cy, capacity, and capabilities, as well as at further integrating the marine transportation system into the larger U.S. surface trans- portation system. The Program efforts are sorted into three broad categories: 1) port planning and stakeholder engagement, 2) fi nancing and 3) project management. The StrongPorts program provides support to ports and port authorities, met- ropolitan planning organizations, state Departments of Transportation, and private transportation companies that are seeking to enhance the capacity or effi ciency of their local marine transportation system. The Program is designed to support ports in completing long-term infrastructure projects.StrongPorts overlaps with other U.S. Department of Transportation Pro-

grams that fund multi-modal infrastructure improvements (such as the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recov- ery or TIGER Grant Program), and it also provides assistance to ports as they take ad- vantage of programs that have traditionally excluded maritime transportation (such as the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan guarantee program).

For more information regarding the StrongPorts Program please visit www.

Coast Guard Update: CDR Andrew Meyers, USCG, Sector Northern New England

Recent Marine Safety Information Bul- letins

MSIB 2-15 – Cyber Security Aware- ness – During a Coast Guard exam it was discovered that a ship’s primary and back-up ECDIS navigation systems were compro- mised making the systems unusable. The compromise was determined to be an acci- dental corruption by the unauthorized use of a USB drive by a crew member, in which a virus was inadvertently introduced which disabled the systems. The case did not result in an accident and the systems were eventu- ally restored. The incident underscores our industry vulnerability and reiterates the need for higher cyber awareness. MSIB 3-15 Voyage Planning & Marine

Casualty Notifi cations – There were two early summer groundings of inspected pas- senger vessels. Preliminary investigation suggested that each related to the Master deviating from established routes or voy- age plans. Neither cases resulted in injury, pollution or severe damage but serve as a reminder to follow voyage plans and be familiar with alternate routes if executed. Also, vessel operators were reminded to notify the Coast Guard in the event of a reportable marine casualty. MSIB 4-15 Commercial Fishing Vessel

Safety Advisory Committee – The Coast Guard is seeking applicants to fi ll six Advi- sory Committee vacancies. The Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Coast Guard on matters related to fi shing

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04092 vessel operations and safety. The Com-

mittee meets once per year and members usually communicate throughout the year on committee related business. Committee terms are three years. Applications must be received by November 17, 2015. See Sep- tember 18, 2015 Federal Register 56479 or contact Jack Kemerer at (202) 372-1249 for more details.

Commercial Fishing Vessel Mandatory Examinations– The forum was reminded that State-registered and Federally-doc- umented commercial fi shing vessels that meet the below criteria, must receive a safety examination no later than October 15, 2015. The criteria includes: operating beyond 3 nautical miles of the baseline of the U.S. territorial sea or the coastline of the Great Lakes, operating anywhere with more than 16 individuals on board (either inside 3 miles of the baseline or beyond 3 miles of the baseline), and fi sh tender vessels engaged in the Aleutian trade.

Fishing vessels will need to complete this dockside safety examination at least once every 5 years, however, some vessels, depending on their operation or areas of service, may be subject to a more frequent examination schedule.

Ports of Safe Refuge– CDR Meyers discussed the continuing need to recognize Ports of Safe Refuge in the event of a marine casualty or other need for a vessel to enter a port under emergency conditions.

This Gallant Action - 1807

20 November New Bedford Mercury The following article is copied from a Bridgetown (Barbadoes) paper of October 6, “The capture of the enemy’s privateer JANNA RICHARD, by the WINDSOR CASTLE Packet, mentioned in our paper of Saturday, on which day they arrived here, will in a comparative degree, ever rank among the most gallant achievements of our navy, and truly deserves every encomium that can be bestowed upon it. The disparity of force between the two vessels puts this brilliant action in the clearest point of view, and serves further to establish the general

reputation of our seamen; while it refl ects great credit upon the cool and collected courage of Mr. Rogers, acting captain, as well as on the steady, good conduct and discipline of his crew. The WINDSOR CAS- TLE carries four 6 and two 4 pounders, and twenty-eight men; the privateer six 9s, and one long 18 pounder amidships, worked on a traverse, and ninety-eight men. The action, from its commencement, (which was on the part of the enemy at long shot) to its close, was nearly three hours, but it was in a hard fi ght about twenty minutes, yard arm and yard arm, that the victory was gained. The enemy run on board the packet, and hung on her grapnails and with her musketry and traverse guns did her much injury; but Cap- tain Rogers availing himself of the height of his quarters, kept up so gallant a fi re of musquetry, the enemy was foiled in every attempt to throw his men on board, numbers of whom were also picked from her shrouds and netting in their efforts to get over. One of the quarterdeck guns of the packet being also brought to bear fore and aft on the enemy, the captain ordered an additional charge of one

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topic was agreed to be raised in more detail at future Forums. Water Depths/Under Keel Clearance

at Waterfront Facilities– Under keel clear- ances was raised as a proactive measure to protect against accidental grounding. While some facilities and port regions have adopted guidelines and informal standards, there are no regulated under keel clearance regulations.

This topic was agreed to be raised in more detail at future Forums.

New business – Brian Downey, Port Safety Forum Coordinator

As the Port Safety Forum strives to reach all port stakeholders in Northern New England, the forum rotates its meeting around the region to afford all interested parties full access to our important agendas and senior port and governmental leaders. In keeping with this tradition, the forum will continue to host four meetings per year as follows:

April - Mid-coast or Downeast Maine area;

June & December - Portland area; and September–Portsmouth, NH area.

Next Meeting(s):

December 16, 2015 (South Portland), 10:00 AM

Centerboard Yacht Club 271 Front Street

South Portland, ME 04106

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