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James Zingara - President, Higher Education Division Dear Colleagues,

I hope that the new fall semester is treating you well. This edition of Ala Breve is dedicated to the annual AMEA Conference in January,

and I feel that this year’s sessions are not only interesting but are also quite eclectic as they cover a broad spectrum of topics including teacher education, music business, music technology, and applied music. Many of these sessions are in themselves eclectic, as they address multiple areas of content as well as overlapping into the interest areas of other AMEA Divisions. As with last year, I am glad to see that we have presenters representing a large cross-section of higher education institutions throughout the state of Alabama: Auburn University (Jane Kuehn), the University of Alabama (Ellary Draper), the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Denise Gainey and Scott Phillips), the University of Montevallo (Ted Hoffman), and the University of North Alabama (Daniel Stevens). I would also to take this opportunity to thank fellow HED officers Becky Halliday (President–elect) and Mildred Lanier (Secretary-Treasurer) for their assistance in the session selection process.

One of our priorities this year was the inclusion of our community college

colleagues into Higher Education Division activities at the AMEA Conference. I am happy to announce that we will take a large first step towards this goal by offering a session by Mildred Lanier, faculty member at Jefferson State Community College and HED Secretary-Treasurer entitled


Musician/Performer as Sole Proprietor. Mildred will also be our liaison to bring community college groups in to perform at the HED Student Recital.

We will also continue the HED Panel Discussion (The Breakdown Between the Higher Ed Classroom and First Year Teacher Experiences ) with a session that focuses on the perceived “knowledge gap” between graduating student expectations and actual performance in initial positions. Our main objective is to establish better lines of communication between Higher Education faculty and fledgling music educators in the field in order to better prepare students for the challenges that they will face in their first jobs. We have assembled a great faculty panel including Dr. Becky Halliday (University of Montevallo), Dr. Brian Kittredge (University of Alabama at Birmingham), and Dr. Anne Witt (University of Alabama). Joining us will be four first and second year music educators from around the state. I would like to encourage the HED membership to submit specific questions and discussion points; you can send these inquiries to our HED e-mail:

As I mentioned in the August column, the 2016 HED Recital will again consist of student ensembles led by our HED membership. The idea here is to provide your chamber ensembles with the opportunity to perform at the state conference as a noteworthy and prestigious endeavor. If you would like to have your group perform, please send an e-mail including your proposed program information (title, composer/arranger and movement titles) and personnel list to by November 1st

your calendar for the HED Luncheon, which will be held on Thursday, January 21st

, 2015. In addition, please mark at

12:00 p.m. This will be where we will hold our meeting for the nomination and election for the offices of President-Elect and Secretary- Treasurer. If you would like to attend the luncheon, please reserve your spot by sending an e-mail to by December 1st

, 2015.

I am greatly looking forward to the 2016 AMEA Conference and having the opportunity to reconnect with my HED colleagues from around the state. Please do not hesitate to write me if you have any questions or ideas concerning the future activities of the Higher Ed Division. In the meantime, please accept my best wishes for a rewarding and successful fall semester!

2016 AMEA Professional Development Conference Quick Facts

 70th Anniversary of AMEA!  Dates: January 21-23, 2016  Location: Renaissance Montgomery Hotel at the Convention Center and the Embassy Suites Hotel (across the street)

 Special Performance and Clinic by the Boston Brass  Two dynamic keynote speakers - Chris Woodside and Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser  FAME applications are due by January 8. Visit the AMEA websiteto register online or print the form in this issue.  Pre-register on-line ( Or print and mail the pre-registration form in this issue.

 Reserve a room at the conference rate: Click on the link on the main page of the AMEA website. Or, call 800-266-9432 (Renaissance) 334-269-5055 (Embassy Suites) code AME.

10 October/November 2015

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