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Mini Carrot Cakes RECIPE LESSON PLAN Age group: 10-11 years ENGLISH

Suggested text: Mini Carrot Cake recipe text. Reading – Comprehension

ENGLAND Pupils should be taught to. Maintain positive attitudes to reading and understanding of what they read by reading books {texts} that are structured in different ways and reading for a range of purposes. Understand what they read by asking questions to improve their understanding. Retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction.

SCOTLAND [Use] what they know about the features of different types of texts; when they engage with others, they can respond in ways appropriate to their role, show that they value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking.

• Share the recipe text with the class in print or on screen.

• Use this as an opportunity to revisit quickly the features of an instructional text which they will have covered in previous years. They should highlight some or all of the following: • Title • Headings and sub-headings • Lists – e.g. equipment and ingredients • Some illustrations or diagrams for clarification • Numbered steps • Use of the imperative – e.g. divide, bake • Extra notes or boxes – e.g. handy hints.

• Also use it as an opportunity to practise asking questions.

• Ask each child to formulate a question and move around the classroom asking each child to select someone to answer their question until all questions have been asked and answered.


WALES Recognise and understand the characteristics of different genres in terms of language, structure and presentation.

NORTHERN IRELAND Begin to be aware of how different media present information; participate in group and class discussions.

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