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Mini Carrot Cakes TIP SHEET

Age group: 10-11 years Skills:measure, sift, crack eggs, mix/stir – beat, fold, spoon, bake Ingredients: carrots, sugar, margarine, flour, cinnamon, baking powder, eggs, sultanas Measurements: : g – grams, ml – millilitres

Before you begin

Check with the teacher: Have the children already completed any work in class related to this recipe or is this their introduction? Print activity sheets and certificates. Have paper, scissors and glue ready for the sequencing activity sheet.

Check with the children: Wash hands, hair tied back, sleeves rolled up, and aprons on. 1. Read the title and show them the picture sequence of the recipe. Ask the children:

• Are cakes usually something sweet or savoury?

• This recipe has carrots in it, which are vegetables. Have you eaten vegetables in cakes before? If so, which vegetables?

• Do you know what sultanas are? [They are dried white seedless grapes, unlike raisins, which are dried white grapes that have seeds in them. Currants are dried, dark red, seedless grapes.]

2. Let’s read the recipe together. X, please check off the ingredients as we say them. Y, please check off the pieces of equipment as we say them. Where do I need to help you?



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