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compliance, driver hiring and training, maintenance and post-accident corrective action. Northland even provides free federal DOT filings as a service to its customers. Among those specialists is Mike Galvin, a

15-year Northland veteran whose office is in South Sioux City and whose territory includes Nebraska and all or part of three other states. He can help trucking professionals who wear many hats manage safety and risk. He can help carriers refine their safety programs and use technology to identify trends and promote safer driver behavior. Staff members like Galvin are more than

just insurance providers; they’re a part of the trucking community. He has been a member of the Nebraska Trucking Association since 2000 and a member of the NTA’s board for the last 10 years. Since 2000, he’s attended the Nebraska Truck Driving Championships, where Northland sponsors the kick-off luncheon. “Northland Insurance and their

distribution network are great Allied members of the Nebraska Trucking Association,” said

Larry Johnson, the NTA’s president. “Tey, like our many other loyal and active Allied members ... enable us to do so much more toward our mission of advocacy, information and services than just dues alone. Teir longtime support of trucking associations across the country proves that when it comes to regulations and legislation, ‘our’ issues are ‘their’ issues.” From its position as an industry

leader, Northland can see some of the major trends affecting trucking. Carriers can help themselves by investing in finding and keeping drivers, Jermeland said. Northland, like other insurance companies, looks at CSA data. For Northland, CSA data is one information source out of many that are considered to better understand a truckers operation, and a big part of that data is having safe drivers as well as having an effective safety program wrapped around those drivers. “It is very important who you hire to drive.” he said. Another factor is how the fleet incorporates technology into its overall risk management package.

Trough the Travelers Special

Investigations Group (SIG), the company works with its customers to help it view traffic lanes and how best to protect the loads – a process it calls “cargo hardening review and survey.” It also works on behalf of its insured to recover cargo. SIG representatives spoke at the Nebraska Trucking Association’s annual fall convention about the latest trends in cargo theft and what carriers can do to protect themselves. According to Scott Cornell, head of the SIG, the company’s experience makes it better able to help carriers. “When you work the cases every day, you kind of see exactly what the bad guys are doing, so to speak, and it’s current, as of today,” he said. From his vantage point, Cornell has

watched how cargo theft has changed through the years. Prior to about 2010, electronic goods were the most often stolen commodity. For the past five years, that spot consistently has been held by food and beverages. Tat happened for a number of reasons. During the Great Recession, food was in high demand.


Protecting what matters most to you.

Insurance is about protecting what matters most to you. Since we opened our doors in 1948, Northland Insurance has been doing just that for countless transportation businesses. We’re ready to do that for you too, by providing you with the Northland Advantage.

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Northland is a proud member and supporter of the Nebraska Trucking Association.



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