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6 Advice from local women who paved the way

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Smart City Fresh Cut Brenlee Coates Bold Ideas Dorothy Dobbie What's Good, Winnipeg? News Briefs

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Winnipeggers line up to learn from local CEOs: SHEday 6 Think Shift Balaji Krishnamurthy


Smart Work The Corporate Climb Laura Wittig

Being a mom can make you better at your job

One hundred years of professional development and community activism: JCI

Finding motivation under pressure led electrician to incorporate her own business

Good Work Lisa Cefali

The bear necessity of a polar vehicle in Churchill launches business in Winnipeg

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Smart Location Customize your condo with StreetSide Developments 10

Smart Entrepreneurs Lose yourself in the time warp that is Thermëa King + Bannatyne drove customer base online Local lingerie maker teaches body love


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9 Churchill tour company breeds Winnipeg business Smart Schools

Academic competition puts UWinnipeg business students in line with Western Canada's best

Rapid Transit plans affect transit users and all active commuters at the University of Manitoba

Talk about money in front of your kids early

Youth Recreation Worker program breeds communitarians with rewarding careers

It pays to stay in Manitoba: the tuition rebate

Smart Life Financial Literacy Janice Desautels Young Money Vanessa Kunderman Note to Self Faye Armstrong Twist Me Toned Tannis Miller Alive & Aware Patti Sliwiany In Vogue Ally Champagne

Smart Detour All Fun & Games Stephan Bazzocchi Puzzles

Career Horoscope In the loop

Puzzle answers Foodies Ian Leatt

Tree for the money Hot job markets to watch in Manitoba this month 1 What’s SAP?

Great-West Life is looking for a broad range of SAP-related professionals to help the company build its developing SAP Center of Excellence, which provides support and development services to Canada and Europe.

As an SAP Professional, you’ll work alongside other Information Systems professionals to participate in the design and delivery of IS solutions and SAP integration.

Good communication and customer service skills required. If you are interested in this op- portunity, please apply at www.greatwestlife. com/careers by March 13. 2 Tour guides and labourers

The neighbourhood BIZ associations and similar groups are gearing up to do their summer hiring. For instance, the West End BIZ association is looking for a labourer to do grounds maintenance, as well as walking tour guides to lead its mural and general area tours.

Both jobs are physically demanding and require people to do repetitive tasks.

There are no strict educational requirements and the jobs are seasonal and full-time, mak- ing them ideal for a student. Send applica- tions by email to

3 The Cuddlery This could be contentious at your family

gatherings – but have you ever wanted to be a professional cuddler? A new business in Winnipeg will let loving people do just that in a safe and legal environment.

Pay is $32 to $80 an hour, with flexible scheduling. The Cuddlery is looking for people who are capable of being affectionate to anyone, good listeners, and who create a safe environment. (Cuddlers are able to deny service if ever uncomfortable.)

Visit for more information or to apply.

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