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As reported earlier not much has changed in the last two years. The Montana Senate will again have 29Republicans and 21Democrats with its first female President. SenatorDebby Barrett a long time legislator who has served both in theHouse andSenate will be voted in as Senate President. In theHouseDemocrats picked up two seats, but the Republicans still have a 59-41 edge. TheHouse Speaker will be fromEastern Montana asAustinKnudsen was chosen to lead the Republicans in theHouse.

Montana also has a newU.S. Senator as Senator SteveDaines replaces longtime Senator MaxBaucus andRepresentative RyanZinke will take SteveDaines place in theHouse. We will soon have their updated contact information available for you.

With the makeup of the legislature there should not be many attempts to increase taxes, but we will have to watch out for fees as many legislators seem to think that is a new way to spell tax.

executive vice president BARRY “SPOOK”STANG

administrative assistant KATIE BOWLDS

safety coordinator JAKE SANDAU

safety transportation consultant AL CALKIN

Other issues that MCM will follow will be the usual suspects—taxes, undo regulations, WorkersCompensation are just a few.We will also spend a lot of time in Transportation committees as well as LocalGovernment as some cities and counties, especially inEastern Montana are looking for new sources of revenue for their roads. In order to keep MCM members up to date on the issues please read your weekly On TheHorizonLegislative Report and if you wish call the MCM office to get information on how to join our weekly conference call to discuss legislative issues and other MCM business. All members are welcome to participate. These calls will be every Monday morning at 11AM throughout the session.

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Motor Carriers of Montana (MCM) has served as the voice for Montana’s trucking industry since 1939. MCM is a trade association dedicated to the furtherance of the trucking industry’s goals and interests in Montana and the United States. Our membership is a very diverse group comprised of trucking companies, passenger carriers, garbage haulers, construction & excavation companies, and companies providing products and services to the industry. MCM serves these companies as a governmental affairs representative before legislative, regulatory and executive branches of government on issues that affect the trucking industry. The organization also provides public relations services, operation services and serves as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

Phone 406-442-6600 Facsimile 406-443-4281

For more information, contact MCM at: Motor Carriers of Montana 501N. Sanders, Suite 201 Helena, MT 59601

MCM and theContractorsAssociation will again be partnering around the state for a Legislative Roadshow so that our members can meet their local elected representatives. We will keep you up to date on these meetings through our weekly email On TheHorizon.

You can also access information on how to contact your legislative or congressional delegates on the MCM web page under the legislative tab. Please take advantage of these opportunities to get involved in your association.

We may also from time to time ask you to contact our congressional delegation in regards to issues that affect the industry, some of those that come to mind areHours of Service, Electronic LoggingDevices (ELDs) andIncrease Insurance requirements. Please, when we ask for your help send them a note.

Until next time; Remember the world is run by those who show up, get involved today. Barry “Spook” Stang

Executive Vice President, Motor Carriers of Montana

ROADWISE | ISSUE 5, 2014 | 5

Wow! Seems like yesterday I was telling you that the 63rd wrapping up and now the election is over and the 64th

Legislature was in the process of Legislature is on their way to town.

From the Executive VP

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