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January 2015

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Oh Doughnuts elevates decadence to a whole new level in Winnipeg

The gourmet doughnuts are a regular sell-out at Parlour Coffee, Little Sister Coffee Maker and Thom Bargen

By Brenlee Coates Oh Doughnuts is now being sold at Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea.

titillating our taste buds with the city’s first truly gourmet doughnuts. Up until recently, Amanda’s been frying the dozens of


Oh Doughnuts three at a time in a pot, waking up at one in the morning to prep for the morning rush at Parlour Coffee, the once-exclusive retailer for her doughnuts. In November, Amanda was able to get a doughnut fryer

up and running, increasing her production, and she wel- comed her first assistant baker: her mother. Because of this, she is now able to expand her offerings to Little Sister Coffee Maker and Tom Bargen, who had been patiently waiting their turn even though customers were coming in and asking when they’d become available there daily. She hopes to continue working with these specialty

coffee shops long-term, though her end goal is to have a brick-and-mortar shop of her own. “Ideally, I would have a storefront downtown,” she says. “Tere’s also potential for one in Osborne Village.” Amanda is a long way from her roots in environmental

studies – “I had a nice job in my field that people shouldn’t ever give up, but I’m about taking risks in my life,” says Amanda, smirking. She attempted to juggle the two tasks for a time, but it

proved impossible. “I just realized that waking up at one in the morning just turned my brain to mush,” she says. Tough it wasn’t something she’d flagged as a career

t’s been a long time coming for Winnipeg. “Tere’s a hole, and I’m going to fill it,” deadpans Amanda Kinden, the one-woman show that’s been

White chocolate cardamom glaze doughnuts with pistachios.

option, she was a longtime, dedicated cook. “Cooking is an obsession,” she says. “Since I’m (making) doughnuts all day, I’m craving savoury, so I just do the opposite when I get home.” She credits her mother for nurturing her baking skills.

“When I was young, I used to bake with my mom at Christ- mas,” she says. She has a modest sense of humour about her newfound success as a self-taught baker: “For me, I read the recipe and the recipe does the work. But there are legitimately those who can’t do that. “I just spend a lot of time looking for ideas.” She is definitely never short on creative flavour combi-

nations and experimental recipes to try out. Recently, she successfully came out with a root beer float doughnut – and she has an ever-popular caramel salted pretzel concoction. Aside from the exuberant options, she usually has a

rotating roster of sugar doughnuts with fruit curd filling, or a soft glaze like lavender or rose water.

Te doughnuts are a decadent treat to start the day off

right, and they’ve been met with serious demand: the doughnuts regularly sell out well before noon. Amanda once considered opening a vegetarian restau-

rant, due to her disappointment with the lack of options in this niche. She’s catered to vegan and gluten-free op- tions with her doughnuts on various occasions, though without mass production capabilities, she has to choose select days to offer them. Luckily, she’s carved out an attentive following on

social media, where she announces the daily flavours in the early hours of the morning when she’s finished work. Tis grassroots approach to marketing her business has driven demand for her eventual shop – and pushed it beyond her current capacity. In the interim, she’s preparing the doughnuts at Knox Community Kitchen, which provides licensed

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