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and we can evaluate how that change might affect the performance or whatever charac- teristic we are after. it is here on the simulator that we assisted the technical team at imsa in developing the regulations for the Balance of performance, as well as the current aero package designed and developed for the new specification daytona prototypes we see com- peting at sebring. “the simulator is where things are at now.

many of our applications with cus- tomers require that we supply them with the mathematical model of the component. if they find it meets what they require, then they will order a physical example in which to test on the vehicle. this is one way that teams can save money and get around a testing ban: they model or simulate what they are looking for.” Larry and the engineering Group have es-

tablished strong ties with aston martin in eng- land, which led to them racing their product over the last two seasons in the continental tire sportscar challenge. racing the astons was a natural by-product of multimatic’s role in developing both the aston martin one 77, as well as the “body in white” of the aston mar- tin Zagato. while the aston racing program ended after two seasons, the relationship with the factory remains strong. now, in the place of racing the astons, mul-

timatic has rejoined forces with Ford once again, this time bringing a sense of order to what has become a rather messy situation with the mustang program in the continental

tire sportscar challenge series. according to Larry, “the agreement we had in place with Ford and Grand am was that the mustangs were to be kept as they were. no upgrades were really expected and/or really allowed. at the end of 2011, things changed and when we stepped away from the program, the roush team stepped in and sort of upset the balance. they started doing things their own way and

tang a catalog car, just like the earlier ver- sions. the original, 2005 body style sold well, with over 60 cars built and delivered, while the 2010 style Boss 302 sold about half that. we ran older cars at daytona, but debuted brand new cars here at sebring, because what we race at daytona was basically shot. we have a big investment wrapped up for this season in these new cars, but we are also focusing on what is to come.” to come is the much discussed

2015 mustang, the first mustang intended to be a world car. as of

“The simulator is where things are at now. Many of our

applications with customers require that we supply them with the mathematical model of the component.”

- Multimatic VP Larry Holt

it upset not just the other mustang teams, but also the series. it was not representative of the original Grand am and Ford intention of when we first started racing this car. i see our task this season as bringing Ford and the var- ious customer efforts together, as well as de- veloping the new 2015 car for future competition. “the current goal is to make the new mus-

this moment, future plans for the mustang are still to be determined, but the car we know they are building will be Gt4 compliant, which means there will be somewhere to race it in europe. there are other options being tossed about for the car, but that is still to be deter- mined. multimatic was able to sell two new Lolas

for this season, selling them to mazda for their p2 project. apparently, mazda wants to con- trol the project and eventually homologate the chassis as a mazda. to Larry, that doesn’t re- ally matter. “it is a deal that needs to be worked out be-

tween mazda and the aco. i was led to believe that the aco wanted to keep manufacturers out of the class, but again, that is their deal. we’ve had a few customers snooping around at the Lolas, but we’ve not yet developed an upgrade kit. that will come when we get suffi- cient interest. with new regulations coming for p2 in 2017, it makes customers think about purchasing a new car right now. we’re interested in making a new p2 for whatever the spec is in the future, but we may let things settle a bit and see how it evolves. we jumped in right away in the ini- tial days of the daytona prototype regula- tions and while we had success, winning the class at daytona first time out, we might have been better off to have sat out a year like riley did and see where the class was headed before debuting our car. we’ll see what the future holds, but regardless of that, we stand proud of our efforts sup- porting the original concept of the dps and helping in getting that project off the ground.” one point that has to be frustrating is

that, thus far, is that the mazda project is definitely a work in progress. the engine program was developed for the now-gone GX class and, as of yet, is not making proper power to be competitive in the prototype category. as far as the future, it looks pretty

after a brief foray with aston martins, multimatic has returned to shepherd the mustang (above) program as it transitions from their current race model to the new 2015 mustang-based racers.

8 •

bright for the automotive and racing in- dustry. through hard work, good prod- uct, as well as support, multimatic is well prepared to stay as an industry leader and appears to be poised to grow even more in the future. •

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