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By Gary Horrocks t

o many motorsport fans, multi- matic is a canadian based race

team, known mostly for their efforts in sports car racing. a past class winner at Le mans, they currently concentrate their efforts in the con- tinental tire sportscar challenge, where they field a two-car entry of mustangs in conjunction with Ford and miller racing. But that is just one of the more vis-

ible parts of, what in reality, is a huge multi-national corporation that has fa- cilities around the world, but is head- quartered in markham, on. in the motorsport world, multimatic

made news late in 2012 when it was announced that they would be taking over the reins of Lola and would con- tinue the support and development of what has been a mainstay in the proto- type ranks. this further enhanced the profile of multimatic, but there is just so much more to the company. organized into three operating

groups comprised of mechanisms, structures, suspensions and engineer- ing, there are 11 divisions spread around a total of 18 facilities worldwide in the corporate structure. in many ways, each division is treated

as a separate company, only they are all under the same corporate structure. the motorsport group is a part of engineering, and while it is the most visible part of engineer- ing, it only accounts for roughly 25-30 percent of the activity within the group. the engineering Group is headed by none

other than the (in)famous Larry Holt. He is one of the true characters of the sport, as well as one of the busiest. while medical science claims they want to examine keith richards’ body when he passes on to find how he has survived all he has lived through, it might be a more interesting study to see how Larry is able to keep going with all of the activities that he is involved in. Besides overseeing the race team, Larry also oversees a division that supplies dampers

to some of the best in the business of racing. about their presence in the sport, Larry

commented, “we have a heavy presence in F1 with multiple teams, including the champi- onship-winning red Bull team. we are the sup- plier for both the dtm and super Gt in Japan and standard equipment on all Ferrari 458 race cars produced for competition. in fact, we supply dampers for all of the tUscc GtLm class competitors – Bmw, porsche, Ferrari, srt Viper – all except for corvette.” dssV, short for dynamic suspension spool

Valve, has been a successful product and technology for multimatic in racing. and now they are taking that technology and making it available in road cars. the new chevrolet Z-28

camaro is one of the first road cars to utilize this technology, as well as the upcoming amG mercedes c190. the engineering Group employs about 450

people worldwide and, according to Larry, about 35 percent of the activity they do is for their sister companies, with the remainder spread around the rest of the world. recently, the engineering group developed a simulator to supplement their existing four post rig. “currently we use the four post rig about

half the time for racing and half the time for vehicle evaluation. i saw the same opportunity to be had with a six degrees of freedom simu- lator. in the simulator, we use mathematical equations to simulate changes to a vehicle

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multimatic’s markham, on headquarters is a virtual wonderland of automotive technology for application in everyday road cars, multi-

million dollar exotics, sports cars and Formula 1, and includes, but is not limited to, wind tun- nel facilities, the latest in computer software tools, manufacturing of both metal and com-

posites and four post rigs for chassis develop- ment. their clients include Formula 1 teams, the German-based dtm where canadians Bruno spengler and robert wickens com-

pete, and the new tUdor United sportscar championship.

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