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What do you see as the main growth opportunities for air cargo charters?

Justin: To be honest, I feel that with the positive economic outlook there is room for growth in nearly every sector.

Robert: What makes forwarders and specialists like Panalpina interesting for shippers is that we can provide everything out of one hand, a complete solution. The actual flight is only one part of the puzzle. We offer many services before the plane takes off and after it touches ground again. One very important aspect is compliance. Customers are often not fully aware of the importance of strict compliance.

Russi: Creativity, flexibility and professional solutions for our clients. These are the ingredients in my opinion for continued growth. Make it happen, make it work once, and it will keep working - just make sure we all do it right. If we don’t perform and don’t add value, then clients will not use charters. It’s as simple as that!

Dmitry: Integrated solutions offering various modes of transport. We will see that some traditional ways of doing business will be changed and companies that manage to provide the most user-

friendly service with minimum costs will prosper.

Tony: As I have already mentioned; support of large multi-national projects. New aircraft projects in Brazil, China and India where parts are manufactured all over the world. Oil in Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. The usual “Just in Time” market for the car industry, and livestock movements should remain strong.

If you could change one thing about the air cargo charter market, what would it be?

Dmitry: A lot of new products have been delivered on the widebody market (B747-800F, B777F) that have improved economics and efficiency for cargo charter operators. It would be great to see a new outsize freighter come to the commercial market – like the An-70, An-158 or An-124NG. We have old and reliable workhorses which have been serving the market for so long and the time is coming for a new line of ramp aircraft that will bring heavylift air charter onto the new level of technology.

Robert: In a perfect world we’d have a global Open Sky treaty. Traffic rights

would be a thing of the past and flight plans the only thing required.

Justin: I think that seeing more open sky agreements would really benefit the industry as a whole. We want to be able to source the best aircraft and airline for our clients, so having restrictions in different regions ultimately disadvantages the end customer.

Russi: I can think immediately of three things I would like to change …. but I will stick to your request for only one! I would like to see the industry work closer together with those that add real long term value. There are in my opinion too many people driving down the quality and revenues, which has a negative impact on the industry as a whole.

Tony: I would like to reverse the trend and increase the amount of freighters operating charters, which sadly I cannot see happening.

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