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SAVVY BUILDER — Stephan Sardone

Sardone Construction 2013 Showcase Remodel: Creative

Efficient Design Solutions for Today’s Modern Family As owner and founder of Sardone Construction, Stephan Sardone’s vision for his recently completed remodel showcase home project was to show homeowners how to not over-buy or expand in square footage “just because they think they have to.” Instead, Sardone worked with his architectural team and partnered with local and national brand name suppliers to illustrate how to do a complete design-build remodel in an efficient and beautiful way.

Te showcase remodel home located in the Lake Highlands L-Streets neighborhood was built in 1955 with 1,320 square feet of the space. To prove that new generations have the ability to live comfortably in this size home also, the Sardone Construction team worked with HPD Architecture to rede- sign the layout and functionality of the space. Te goal was to create a more open space while still keeping the integrity of the home and the neighborhood.

While the design changed dramatically to include vaulted ceilings and a completely different look, — evolving from

mid century to a contemporary bungalow — the square footage stayed the same. You read it right…it stayed at 1,320 square feet! Te result is two bedrooms, two full baths, plus an office, with an open concept kitchen/living room and redesigned backyard and outdoor kitchen space. Te kitchen features a special feature window that opens to the outdoors. Making the outdoor living area a workable and useable space is one of the keys to selling the “less space is enough space” concept.

“By deciding you can function in a smaller space than you might have originally thought, the money you save can be spent on remodeling,” said Sardone, explaining that a lot of people buy more than they really need to or overspend on expanding an existing home just to accommodate their “stuff.” In truth, our “necessary stuff” could be a lot less in the digital age!

Sardone also pointed out that the original home had little or no wall insulation, and it now has spray foam insulation applied to the roof and exterior walls. It also features custom,


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