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Ahmad Hassan Landscape Services

C27 Lic #917788 510.376.3228

involves a careful process of communication, consulting and gaining an understanding of all the elements, then balancing them in a harmonious design. First you must believe. If you lack the belief, call me. I’ll believe for you and hold your hand and consult through the entire process.

living by doing service work and “side jobs”. I did okay for a kid that dropped out of high school in the 11th grade and came from at least 3 generations of drug addicts and alcoholics.

Being creative was something that I thought others were capable of. I knew I could clean really well. I knew that I could mow lawns, trim shrubs and cultivate beds. I believed that I was good, and especially good at landscape maintenance. It took me almost 15 years more to believe that I was “creative” and here I am. A nationally popular landscape professional and TV host of HGTV and DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers” I play me on TV and it works! I have the confidence, the book smarts and about 23 years of working and playing my role as a landscaper. I also have the belief and the audacity necessary to view a space, consult with homeowners, assess the concerns and any issues, then create a budget, design and install the landscape of “our” mutual dreams.

Creativity starts in the mind. Believing in yourself also starts in the mind. There’s a spark, a seed, an idea or concept, not a plan. The plan might come later if the initial seed is planted and allowed to root and take hold in fertile soil.

Creating outdoor spaces is what I do. Because I simply believe that I can. I continue to spend all of my life practicing and improving my craft. I run a small and intimate business because I like people and I love to create. I often tease and call it “My yard at your house”. It consists of our mutual vision and your budget.) All of the work

I work as a general contractor of landscaping (made up title) AHLS is a fully licensed, insured and bonded landscape company that works with both homeowners and an extensive network of artisans and contractors in order to help folks attain Outdoor Living and Entertainment Areas. We are an intentionally small business that consults rather than runs around giving free estimates. We listen, process and profile our clients so that we can deliver to them what they are wanting. In other words we take your creative seeds, plant them, nurture them, set them up on an automated irrigation system and grow them into the landscape of “our” dreams. I utilize my own education and collaborate with clients and my team of pros in order to be successful with “our” garden at your house.

AHLS is not for everyone. We prefer to work at a slower pace and build long lasting, accountable relationships. Many of our clients are friends. They call and text as often as they like. Sometimes with gardening questions. Sometimes with pictures and statements of how much they enjoy their yard. The creative process around landscaping is what I’ve spent my life learning. I’m still figuring out how to be even more creative and how to work best with others. Creative problem solving outdoors is what good landscaping is all about.

If you’re wanting and needing some help in creating or improving your landscape and you’re ready to make things happen, Please call or text me at (510) 376-3228. We can set up a time to talk about your ideas, your wants and needs. I’ll consult with you and assess your property so that we can begin the process of creating your very own customized space. I reside and work in and around Sacramento even though I still use my Bay Area number. When I’m not running around the country hosting TV shows, doing appearances at trade and home shows I’m Creating Outdoor spaces for people just like you. JUNE 2013 | SACRAMENTO | HOME IMPROVEMENT & REMODELING 17

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