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AND with Ahmed Hassan

Ahmed Hassan is most recognized as host on DIY and HGTV Network’s “Yard Crashers.” He's also hosted a number of other DIY Network television shows including “The Dirt On…,” “Green Me Up,” and “Blog Cabin.”

Spring and Summer is hands down, the most popular time for landscaping in California. Kids are out of school and we all love the warm weather. Autumn is the best time for landscaping due to the cooler temps and impending rainy season. Either way, now’s the perfect time to begin consulting around what’s wanted for your outdoor space.

Creating Beauty Outdoors

This months Down & Dirty is a little different. Rather than answer any specific questions, I’m going to share some of “my truths.” I am taking this opportunity to share some of my personal philosophy on “creativity.”

“Creating Beauty Outdoors” is a title that I’ve coveted for so many years. As a landscape designer and someone that specializes in landscape design, construction and installation this title is simply the shortest means of describing what I do.

Ahmad Hassan Landscape Services (AHLS) is a consult, design, build and seasonal maintenance landscape company. I’ve been in

Ask Ahmed any question about landscaping. He will answer you directly. Send to:

business for myself since the age of 19. I started out as most landscape professionals have. As a kid I mowed lawns, trimmed shrubs, raked and picked up garbage outside. In general I became a glorified outdoor janitor.

At the age of 19 I decided that smoking and selling weed was not going to allow me the freedom to live the life of my dreams. With the encouragement of my father and The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Dept. I got clean and sober and have remained so for the past 20 years.

I share this because it’s the truth of my past, and my sobriety has been a huge part of my own mental and spiritual transformation. This has helped me in running a business and building a successful brand.

I had early dreams of becoming a landscape professional. Someone that drove a big truck, towed trailers, operated earth moving equipment and power tools as well as someone considered an expert in the green industry. I had no idea that I could host TV shows around any of this. Though I’ve always enjoyed entertaining and teaching, my natural personality, excitement and passion spawned into an entire genre of television programming where hustling and blue collar type work done with excitement by motivated artisans is now considered entertainment.

Creating Beauty Outdoors is what I began to identify with. Around 1999 I began doing TV shows and being featured as a professional landscaper and contractor. At the time I wasn’t licensed. I was more of an under the table hustler. I traded hours for dollars and made my




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