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hile new technology continues to drive improvements in ASC operating rooms, management systems, patient relations and more, it is also driving improvements at ASCA. It is helping us meet our members’ needs and communicate with the ASC com- munity and others with an interest in ASCs more effectively than ever before. Last year, for example, ASCA:

launched a new web site that incorporates a state-of-the-art online networking community, ASCA Connect:

introduced an annual meeting portal with more extensive digital meeting resources than ever before;

■ ■

released a digital version of ASC Focus maga- zine and a mobile app for ASCA Connect; and

to make life easier for our members, im- plemented online membership payment, online events registration and online mem- bership account access. This year, ASCA made free digital

downloads of our popular Salary Survey report available to all of our members for the first time at SalarySurvey. Other new online resourc- es include a “State Resource Center” at and online resources related to ASCA’s Cam- paign for Advancing Surgical Care. This web-accessible resource center contains ex- tensive information about ASCs designed for patients, members of the media, policy makers and others who want to learn more at Care/Home.

Seeking Authors

ASC Focus is seeking the contribution of articles by guest authors. If you have the expertise and time to write for us, we’d be interested in hearing from you. Please see our editorial guidelines at and submit your story proposal to


ASCA members with specific ASC man- agement concerns can now find what they are looking for in ASCA’s online libraries at ASCA also is taking advantage of cutting- edge technology to bring you our 2013 webi- nar series.

ASCA 2013 in April featured many sessions on the technological advances in the field, and I hope you had a chance to attend those. If not, I encourage you to go to our Live Learning Center at

to download the recorded sessions and related materials that you missed. There is more in the pipeline. This year, we are preparing to introduce a new benchmark- ing program that will target your ASC’s needs. We also are exploring new ways of collabo- rating with online education providers to help you meet training requirements in your ASC. Of course, ASCA’s focus on technology is

not only about what’s happening at ASCA, it is also about what is happening in ASCs. ASCA continues to work with the Centers for Medi- care & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Con- gress to ensure that physicians are not unfairly penalized for using ASCs when their use of electronic medical records (EMR) and elec- tronic health records (EHR) is being evaluated. We also are working to ensure that ASCs are not left behind as health care providers con- tinue to adopt EMRs and EHRs at record rates. To recognize the critical role that technolo-

gy plays in today’s market, we have dedicated this issue of Focus to topics that involve state- of-the-art technologies in ASCs. Turn to ■

page 16 to read about ways of deciding if it’s time to install an electronic medical re- cord system in your ASC;

■ ■

page 18 to learn what your ASC can gain from an online scheduling portal;

page 20 to understand and decide if a sin- gle point-of-care approach works for your ASC;

■ ■

page 24 to find out more about materials management information systems; and

page 34 to learn more about ASCA Connect. As always, I welcome your comments on the contents of this magazine. Please write to Sahely Mukerji at smukerji@ascassociation. org and let us know your thoughts.

page 12 to learn about how to best protect patient health information and avoid security breaches;

Bill Prentice Chief Executive Officer

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