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Boughton Malherbe Council

Footpath issue

THE meeting heard that no im- provements had been made to the footpath conditions at Judge Farm and Broadstone Cottage. Keith Anderson had reported the problem. PCSO Alan Beech said there

had been three crimes reported – down from seven for the same period last year. It was thought this might be down to the visi- bility of the PCSOs. Speedwatch equipment had

been borrowed from Lenham but the weather had not been suitable for using it. There had been no response

about the proximity of the speed indicator device to the road, and it was noted the solar- powered device did not work in cloudy weather. The flooding and drainage problem at Crumps Lane cor- ner was ongoing and should be followed up. Cllr Richard Thick was to fol-

low up the problem with ditches and gullies in Wood- cock Lane, as one house was being flooded below the floor, with water entering via the air vents. Some of the blocked gullies

in Church Road had been at- tended to. However, gullies in Liverton Hill had been blocked, and water was now coming up in the road. Grass verges were cut from

the Headcorn end of the village to Park Farm, but no further. The verges in the village had not been cut, and KCC had not given a reason for this. Silt-clearing, sweeping and patching work was to be carried out in Elmstone Lane when the weather improved. There were now five potholes between Blenberry Farm and Stream Farm on Headcorn Road, and another along Cold- bridge Lane beyond Danby’s Oast. The first emergency plan meeting had been held and a plan had been started. A report was to be written for Malherbe Monthly. A group had met informally

to discuss the neighbourhood plan. It was decided to invite an expert to talk through the implications. The need for the two enor-

mous 30mph signs in Elmstone Lane was questioned. Cllr Thick said the big signs sig- nalled the beginning of a 30mph zone and the small signs were repeaters. There were a total of 19 signs on Liv- erton Hill. Cllr Jenny Whittle had spo-

ken to the clerk before themeet- ing and explained that, regarding weight limit signs for Liverton Hill, a traffic regula-

54 East

DownsMail In touch with your parish Cllr Carr sent off the annual

tion order was a statutory re- quirement. She suggested con- tacting Ben Hilden to arrange for a site visit. Cllr Mike Hitchins said the withdrawal of the concurrent functions grant had left the council with no option but to raise funds from the precept. The amount for a band D prop- erty would have to rise from £9.25 in 2012/13 to £21.83 in 2013/14.

Councillors heard that ice

had been a problem along Church Road extending to Millpond Hill, and it was sug- gested that a grit bin be in- stalled. The clerk had contacted Kent Highway Services who could supply a bag of grit in the short term and order a bin when or- ders were next put in, in about October.

Bredhurst Council PCSO reassigned

THERE were no crimes to report in Bredhurst. PCSO Andy Hawthorne had been reassigned to cover the area and his num- ber was to be put on the parish council website. Non-emer- gency issues can be reported by calling 101. Alison Edwardes addressed

the meeting and her appoint- ment as a parish councillor was approved. Cllr Nichola Carr said a KCC representative would visit the village to discuss ownership of the streetlights with a view to updating their records and es- tablishing responsibility for their maintenance. Cllr Vanessa Jones said the playground refurbishment was complete but Maidstone Coun- cil had raised a concern about the aerial slide, which would be out of use until it was rectified. Cllr Jones said the pavement

had been resurfaced in parts of The Street and Dunn Street Road, at a cost to KCC of £18,000. A problem with a driveway was still to be recti- fied.

KCC had indicated that some money might be available to im- prove public rights of way. KCC estimated costs to be in the re- gion of £15,000 and asked for contributions towards costs. Cllr Jones said BWAG could provide £1,000 and it was agreed that the parish council would provide £1,000. The rent for using the village

hall for meetings would be in- creasing again. A meeting was to be held at the school to con- sider it as an alternative meeting place.

There was a discussion about arranging something different this year for the annual meeting to attract more residents. It was proposed that a sub-committee be formed to decide the new for- mat.

fire hydrant inspection report to Kent Fire and Rescue Service and was waiting for a response. She agreed to follow this up.

Broomfield and Kingswood Council

Salt bins money

THE meeting heard that Cllr Jenny Whittle had organised for three further salt bins to be placed around the village of Kingswood.

She also advised that there might be funding from her com- munities budget towards the neighbourhood plan. PCSO Richard Kirby said 16 crimes had been reported in the area. Cllr Peter Forster had received

a response to his letter of con- cern about police inaction when a tree was reported to be in a state of imminent collapse on Lenham Road. It was agreed this should be raised at the po- lice forum. Cllr Peter Corfield said that

since the change in legislation that did not now require the provision of faster broadband in deprived areas, general im- provements to broadband were unlikely to occur. It would de- pend on BT eventually rolling out fibre-optic services. The chairman agreed to write to MP Hugh Robertson. The clerk had received a new village hall hiring agreement. There was no increase in fees or significant changes in the con- ditions. It was resolved to ac- cept the new agreement. The clerk had been informed

that KCC would support the neighbourhood plan for up to £750, upon receipt of the re- quired application form. It was agreed that an application would be completed. Regarding Maidstone Maver-

icks, the clerk had written to Matt Hendy and had received payment of fees due and a full response to queries. A piece of the fitness equip-

ment at the sports field had been damaged and would need to be replaced. The damage had been reported to the police. The goal socket caps had

been delivered and would be fitted when the weather im- proved. Cllr Terry Baker said the first edition of the village news was likely to exceed the eight pages planned. Whilst there was some advertising it would not be, as agreed, a significant part of the publication. The clerk had been advised

that the agreement of all four landowners at the Cayser Drive shops was needed before a no- ticeboard could be erected. Two owners had consented, as had the tenants of two of the proper- ties. The clerk was to contact the other owners.

Councillors discussed the

need for additional traffic- calming measures, especially the use of Broomfield Road by HGVs and speeding drivers along Lenham Road and Chart- way Street. It was agreed that the clerk would contact Ben Hilden at KCC Highways to dis- cuss the options.

Council vacancy THE clerk informed members that the second notice for the parish council vacancies had been displayed and was now open for co-option. Cllr Mark Housden proposed

Detling Council

that Cllr Janice Kennard be made vice chairman.Thiswas agreed and the role was ac- cepted by Cllr Kennard. It was reported that the verges

along Church Lane had been cut back, but debris had been left on the road. It was noted that the verge encroachment on to the road had not yet been rec- tified. It was agreed that the clerk should write to Kemsley Farms and ask for a site meeting to discuss the matter. The meeting heard the Lord Lieutenant’s annual civic serv- ice would take place on March 12 at Maidstone All Saints’ Church. Kent Fire and Rescue Service

had issued maps of fire hy- drants in the parishes,and asked if parish councils would undertake inspection reports. It was agreed that Detling did not wish to be involved with the scheme.

Councillor Mike Denny had attended a meeting of the hall management committee and said they were considering en- ergy-saving options such as re- placing the boiler and upgrading the lighting. He asked if the council would be prepared to share the cost. The chairman said the council should not become involved as the village hall was a separate entity. Although the council owned the hall, it was leased to themanagement committee and was responsible for its own fi- nances. The chairman referred to a re-

quest from the chairman of the village hall for a citation from the council for villager of the year. It was discussed and agreed that the council did not have an obligation to supply a citation to support the award. Members reported on a site meeting to discuss the kissing gate at Horish Wood. Cllr Ken- nard was to seek grant funding for this. It was agreed to seek quota-

tions and advice on equipment for the Old School Playing Field. It was agreed that Cllr Ken-

nard could plant the village planter with pansies. Cllr Christopher Evernden

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