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School needs to improve further

A TEAM of Ofsted inspectors who visited Leeds and Broom- field Primary School decided it required further improvement. The inspectors said that al- though the head teacher was doing the right things to move the school on, and there had been improvement since the last inspection,members of staff were not yet fully involved in decision-making. As a result, changes were not always well understood by staff, who were unsure about what they were trying to achieve. Pupils’ progress was not con- sistently strong, and in years 1 and 2, teachers did not always take account of what pupils needed to learn next when they were being taught alongside

pupils of different ages. Attainment in writing was lag-

ging behind that in maths and reading, and phonics, spelling and handwriting were not taught systematically enough. Ofsted said the governing

body was relatively inexperi- enced, and some governors needed more training to help them understand their roles. Inspectors did find some strengths at the school, saying progress accelerated in years 4, 5, and 6, where teaching was consistently good. Teachers got on well with pupils throughout the school, and made learning fun in many lessons. Pupils were well-behaved,

and learned to be polite, socia- ble and articulate.

Students dish up Tasty designs

TWO students atMidKent College have helped to serve up a Tasty treat for their fellowstudents. Business students Poppy Wilson (19),

from Hollingbourne,andIsabelleFort (19), from Leeds, carried out the branding and researchfor the college’snewfast food of- fering which so impressed a panel of judges they agreed to roll it out across both campuses. The takeaway service, at both the Ton-

bridge Road site in Maidstone and the Medway centre, will see catering students supplying the food, under the supervision of experienced chefs. The girls’ ideaswere implemented after their impressive presentation. “It’sahugehonour forus that thecollegehas decided togowith Tasty,”

said Isabelle. “We’re very proudandhope thebrandwill continue togrow, even afterwe have finished our course. It’s great for our CVs.” The ready meal service is one of several in-house companies set up by

MKCAspire Ltd–a division ofMidKent College designed to enhance the learning experience of students by giving them real life opportunities. MKC Aspire managing director, Michael Smith, said: “Students work-

ing on Tasty will learn a variety of skills thatmay prove invaluable in their later careers, and that’s our main priority.”

Village panto a cracking success JOHN

Humpty Dumpty by Hollingbourne Village

DAVID Abson started off the evening as a storyteller, be- sieged by puppet mice. Keith Harris wrote the script, and shared direction with David Head,sotheyshouldtakethe credit for a great evening! We loved Jo Head’s Fairy Sunlight, and all booed Lynn Bryan as Fairy Nightshadewith her horrid henchmen. Peters and Gudge as Jack and Jill could act and sing, and Jack was skilled at thigh-slapping. Glen Bryan was excellent as Mother Hubbard, and Millie Laker, as Humpty Dumpty, was the cause of all the trouble.


There were lots of nursery rhyme characters, including a lovely junior army of “all the king’s men”. There were songs we could

all sing, sweets for the audience and a naughty, leg-cocking dog – everything a really good pan- tomime needs was there. Take my advice and book

early next year, to make sure you don’tmiss Hollingbourne’s pantomime.

Supermarkets ‘are overtrading’ THE opening of a supermarket in Staplehurst could relieve the pressure on those inMaidstone, it has been claimed. Sainsbury’s has been given permission to build on land bounded by Station Approach and Lodge Road. Case officer Chris Hawkins said: “There is no indication that there would be clo- sures of local shops. Itwould have an impact in supermarkets in Maidstone, some of which are over-trading.”

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