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WEB CRAWL ASC RESOURCES Check out the links below on ASCA’s web site.

USE ASCA’S NEW STATE LAW DATABASE Explore state-by-state statutory and reg- ulatory information with ASCA’s State Law Database. The new members-only resource is a great tool for ASC manage- ment companies that operate in more than one state and may be looking to ex- pand. It can also benefit vendor members who service facilities in multiple states, as well as individual ASCs that are look- ing for state regulatory contact informa- tion and other resources. StateLawDatabase

DOWNLOAD OPHTHALMIC SURGICAL CHECKLIST The American Academy of Ophthal- mology (AAO) and the Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company (OMIC) asked key ophthalmic societies to join them in developing a task force to de- vise an ophthalmic-specific surgical checklist. Download the checklist today.

SYNC YOUR PROFILES ON ASCA ConneCt AND LINKEDIN Already have a profile on LinkedIn? Go to “My Profile” on ASCA Connect and click on “Update your information from LinkedIn” to grab your profile in- formation and sync it with ASCA Con- nect. Also, try to match your Linke- dIn connections that exist on ASCA Connect to enhance your networking opportunities.

ACCESS UPDATED MEDICARE PAYMENT RESOURCES Resources to assist ASC operators in determining the impact of Medicare’s 2013 payment changes are available on ASCA’s web site. ASCA members can access ASCA’s Medicare Rate Calcula- tor, which shows the national and lo- cal payment rates for 2013, a list of the procedures classified as office-based for 2013 and a list of procedures that are separately payable in an ASC in 2013. BY JOE HORNIG

ASCA ConneCt OFFERS SHARED RESOURCES ASCA members have been uploading a variety of valuable resources on the ASCA Members Community on ASCA Connect. Download a chart that breaks down insurance payment recoup- ment laws by state, a medical student observer form and multiple sample medication administration forms. Ac- cess the ASCA Members Community library by logging in and clicking on “View Libraries” under the “Commu- nities” tab on ASCA Connect.

in other news

Lidocaine Improves Quality of Recovery after Ambulatory Laparoscopic Surgery

Patients undergoing outpatient lapa- roscopy have a better quality of re- covery when they receive lidocaine, according to a survey published on PubMed, a US National Library of Medicine web site. During the study, the researchers

conducted a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clini- cal trial, in which lidocaine was admin- istered to one group of healthy women and saline to another. Of the 70 partici- pants, 63 completed the study. The pa- tients in the lidocaine group had better

global quality of recovery scores com- pared with the saline group, with a me- dian difference of 16. Patients in the lido- caine group also met hospital discharge criteria faster than the saline group, with a mean difference of -26 minutes. After hospital discharge, patients in the lido- caine group required less oral opioids than the saline group, with a median difference of -10, which translated to a better quality of recovery. The researchers conducted the

study in 2011 at Northwestern Univer- sity in Evanston, Illinois.


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